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Application for reading Blinkist: 5 reasons to love this service


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Interview Gallupheld in the 2015 year showed that the working week for the average US employee is 47 hours (or almost 6 days per week), and he usually has only 19 minutes to read.

Imagine: what if you could take these 19 minutes and spend them to get the necessary knowledge, writes Blinkist.

A digital publishing company used all its skills to find a solution to this problem and found a way out - the application Blinkist. Developed in 2013, the app offers short recounts of bestsellers that can be read in 15 minutes or less.

Two million people read every day using Blinkist. Why do so many people love this app? Here are the 5 reasons for this:

1. With the support of science: product and service

The service sorts about 2 200 000 books published all over the world to find the best books for non-fiction. Then experts, writers and editors pick out key ideas from each of these books, selected manually, and turn them into a brief summary, which is finalized until it becomes nothing more than the absolutely most important element of the main idea.

2. Students

Two million students in the community Blinkist. They are grandmothers in northern England and entrepreneurs in Brazil; these are students in Finland and human resources managers in Southeast Asia, as well as entrepreneurs (and mothers) in New York. All people use the app. Blinkistto get better, so when you subscribe to BlinkistYou are joining an invisible network of people all over the world who crave knowledge and strive to make the most of their time and talent.

3. Audio

Do you learn better when someone tells you? During the first two years of creation Blinkist the function of audio versions of books was most in demand. And now many users love audio. Now it is easy to study in the car, on the beach, while jogging.

4. Real people

Would you like to have a super-smart friend who would share with you fascinating things you read? Now you have it! On Blinkist employs people from 21 countries who have a degree of education and experience. These are people who are deeply concerned with knowledge and want to get to the bottom of ideas - in every subject. They read each book themselves and write retellings, which they then edit and highlight key ideas. These are people, not bots. A minimum of 7 people are required to summarize a book, which means you never have to question or double-check its quality.

5. Innovative approach

Blinkist give a chance open every day something new, important, learn. Read and gain knowledge.

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