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Causes of breast cancer that few people know about


Source: Independent

October is the month of heightened attention to the topic of breast cancer. Despite the active dissemination of information about this disease, not all women know which factors actually increase the risk of getting sick, writes Independent.

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What concerns these factors:

  • One of the top positions of this “rating” is occupied by the use of hormone replacement therapywhich is often used in premenopausal women (shortly before menopause). Outside ZRT, the average risk is 45 on 1000, after 5-10 years of use - 47-48, and after 15 years - 57 cases on 1000 women. After the termination of HRT, the risk is reduced to averages over a couple of years.
  • Too early start first menstruation (menarche) also provokes an increase in risk, which decreases by 7% every year if the monthly period begins after 12 years. Matters the age at which comes menopause (menopause) - the later, the higher the risk. Reduces the likelihood of developing cancer birth of children - with each child and breastfeeding the risk is getting smaller.
  • The list of risks also made too big weighthobby alcohol smoking, unhealthy food, taking contraceptives hormonal drugs for a long time, frequent x-ray examinations.
  • Unfortunately, it affects the development of cancer and ecology - but none of us can influence this factor. As with other non-corrective factors, the key to health will be a conscious attitude towards yourself and your body.

Modern medicine considers a Mediterranean diet with an abundance of vegetables, fruits, sea fish and greens to reduce the likelihood of developing oncology, and recommends reducing the content of red meat and dairy products in the diet. Often, such a diet is prescribed to women during relapse to prevent the development of new tumors.

As cancer surgeons say, sometimes the reason is called “out of luck”. It is important to know that breast cancer is well treated in its early stages. Therefore, every woman should pay close attention to her health, be regularly examined and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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