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"Turned into Kardashians": what Melania Trump hates as the first lady of the United States


Source: Tatler

20 January 2017, on the day of the inauguration of 45 US President Donald Trump, Melania Trump stopped smiling sincerely.

While her husband swore love and loyalty to the country on the Bible, Melania stood beside her, looked sad and with difficulty gave out an on-duty smile, tells Tatler. And after that, at all events, the first lady seemed out of place.

The network even appeared memes on the theme of "sad Melania." And after them there are rumors that in the new position the spouse of the president is very unhappy. A source People confirms:

“What is happening now is just what she was so afraid of. They became like Kardashyans: scandals, divorces, headlines.

The attention that fell upon Melania is unbearable for her. She misses her former life, when tennis, Pilates, shopping, spa and raising Barron’s son were her entire leisure time. Now Mrs. Trump simply does not have time for all this - the first lady has many other activities.

“Before, she could do whatever she wanted and spend a lot of time with her family. Two years ago, nobody was interested in her life. And now she is in the center of the tornado - 24 hours, 7 days a week. And she hates it, ”says an insider.

Relationship with my husband also deteriorated. Even before the start of the election race, Melania and Donald had different bedrooms. And after the Trump campaign started, their communication became even more intense. The incessant scandals around Donald also played a role, and the stories and tales of girls with whom the US president allegedly cheated on his wife are now and then in the media. Anyway, Donald and Melania are very different - hence the problems.

“She is one of those people who love the routine: go to bed early and get up, take care of yourself and your family. And he likes 24 an hour a day to be in front of everyone. They are opposites, ”said a source from the entourage of the presidential couple.

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