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The holiday is approaching: interesting facts about your favorite New Year's comedies



What New Year is without the film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath"? It was taken apart for quotes, and it has not lost its relevance for 45 years. But in addition to this truly popular comedy, we have many other films that also perfectly create a festive mood, reminds

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The film was released back in 1947. A few years before filming, director Nadezhda Kosheverova met actress Yanina Zheimo and said that with such a texture she must certainly play Cinderella, since the actress wore shoes of size 31 and was 147 cm tall.So the role in the film was written right under Zheimo.

At first, the artistic council rejected her candidacy, considering that she was too old for a fairy-tale heroine - at that time the actress was 37 years old. The director was offered the candidacy of a young ballerina, but due to the lack of acting experience at the auditions, she looked completely inexpressive. As a result, it was decided to approve Ioannina.

To look younger than her 37 years old, the actress always got enough sleep and was filmed only in the evening hours, because, according to her, in the morning her face was "not right." According to Zheimo's recollections, before filming she was also sent to a sanatorium "to feed herself so as not to look too skinny."

They also decided to choose a more adult actor for the role of the prince so that the couple looked harmonious. As a result, the role went to 34-year-old Alexei Konsovsky. They say that after the premiere of the film, schoolgirls bombarded him with romantic letters. It is curious that Cinderella's father was played by an actor who was only 5 years older than his "daughter".

Faina Ranevskaya failed the first auditions for the role of stepmother. She did not take the offer seriously and at first portrayed a languid society lady. As a result, neither the playwright Eugene Schwartz, nor the actress herself liked this image. However, in the end, after several unsuccessful tests with other artists, Ranevskaya was approved, which this time took the role seriously and refined it to perfection.

To create a colorful image of the stepmother, the founder of the plastic makeup workshop was invited. He removed a cast from Faina Georgievna's face and made special pads on the cheeks and nose. True, during the filming, it became clear that this make-up took too much time, besides, it did not look very natural. Then improvised means were used. To lift Ranevskaya's nose, the make-up artist used rubber glue and pieces of tulle. And the actress thrust cotton balls into her cheeks, commenting that "for an actress there is no inconvenience if it is necessary for the role."

The fairy godmother could have been played by Lyubov Orlova, but she did not follow the type. The real problem was the selection of an actor for the role of a page boy. A lot of photos were viewed, but the director didn't like any of them. Eventually, the director's assistant found a suitable boy in the library. After "Cinderella" he appeared in another film, and then became disillusioned with cinema, became interested in music and became famous as a brilliant guitarist.

The magnificent scenery for the fairy tale was collected, as they say, from the world on a string. Some brought their personal furniture, some donated velvet curtains to make costumes. And for the outfits of the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella, Faina Ranevskaya brought from home a piece of foreign chiffon. The sconce of the actress was also used - it was taken apart to make jewelry. By the way, Cinderella's crystal shoes were made of plexiglass, so it was impossible to walk in them. As a result, Janina Zheimo appears in the frame in the famous shoes for just a couple of moments.

Carnival Night

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In 1955, the young director Eldar Ryazanov wanted to shoot the drama Meetings in Kamchatka, but instead, Mosfilm director Ivan Pyryev suggested that he shoot a comedy based on a script that had been gathering dust on the shelf for several years. I must say that Ryazanov took up the picture without enthusiasm, but then he corrected the script, and the work went on. It is interesting that the shooting of the New Year's film took place in the summer.

For a very long time, the actress was not there for the role of Lenochka Krylova. Many trials were made, but none of the girls fit. By the way, Lyudmila Gurchenko also failed the first tests, but through no fault of her own. The fact is that for the first time it was filmed by a novice operator who unsuccessfully set the light and chose an unfavorable angle, which spoiled the appearance of the actress.

As a result, the amateur actress Lyudmila Kasyanova was approved for the role of Krylova. However, on the 3rd day, everyone realized that she was not suitable for this role. The director was in despair, but fortunately, quite by accident in the corridor of Mosfilm, Ivan Pyriev ran into Gurchenko, whom he liked so much that he immediately brought her to the director's pavilion. This time the actress was filmed by a professional and experienced cameraman, and in the end she was approved. Moreover, the heroine Gurchenko even came to the fore, although this was not implied by the script.

At the same time, the operator of the picture said that it was necessary to work on the actress's face. To make Gurchenko's face look better in the frame, her nose was lifted with a special strip, which was glued directly to the bridge of her nose. Such a small detail made the image more harmonious.

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After the release of the film, the young actress was condemned for daring to show her knees while dancing to the song “And a good mood”. But for the audience, after the "Carnival Night", Gurchenko became the standard of beauty of that time: a thin waist, light perm, a fluffy skirt. And every fashionista began to dream of a white muff.

The film did not like the artistic council, they called it "monstrous vulgarity" and suggested that they forget about it, "like a nightmare." Then Ivan Pyriev turned for an opinion to the legendary director and indisputable authority Mikhail Romm, who was delighted with the "Carnival Night". After showing the film in Moscow and Leningrad, he became the leader of the box office.


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The script for this New Year's fairy tale was written by science fiction writers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, who were inspired by their own story "Monday starts on Saturday."

The most famous actresses auditioned for the role of the good sorceress Alyonushka, who was later turned into a career witch, but no one came up. For example, Irina Muravyova was prevented by her age, Natalya Belokhvostikova turned out to be too refined, and Irina Alferova and Elena Tsyplakova were completely unconvincing in the role of a witch. Then they invited Alexandra Yakovlev to audition. True, the actress had such a complex character that the director said: "She will play a witch, but Alyonushka is unlikely." But in the end, she coped with the task brilliantly.

Ivan Pukhov was almost played by Sergei Prokhanov, but the artistic council rejected his candidacy a day after the start of filming. Igor Kostolevsky also claimed this role, but the director felt that he did not fit into the overall tone of the film. Oleg Yankovsky did not match his age. They did not want to confirm Alexander Abdulov, because he was very busy in 5 other films. As a result, the actor was filmed at night.

By the way, the idea of ​​a dapper white suit that Alexander Abdulov wore was borrowed from the Hollywood movie Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta in the title role.

The villainess Kira Shemakhanskaya could be played by Alisa Freindlich and Natalya Gundareva, and the director was most interested in Margarita Terekhova. But when Ekaterina Vasilyeva came to the test, it became clear that this was her role.

With the comic pair of wizards Kovrov and Bryl, everything became clear when the director saw the duet of Vitorgan and Svetin. The short Svetin lifted his head so funny to look at his tall interlocutor that everyone just rolled with laughter.

The film should have had much more episodes and lines of Vasily the cat. For example, there was a scene where a cat, seeing a cat on the street, asked Shemakhanskaya to give him a vacation not in January, but in March, like all normal cats. He also persuaded Ivan to give in to his natural instinct and kiss the enchanted Alyonushka. But all these episodes were considered too frivolous, and as a result, Vasily had only 2 replicas left: "Ham!" and "Hurray!" The most upset was Georgy Vitsin, who voiced the cat.

According to the director of the film, at the time of the start of filming, a UFO hovered over the crew. While the operator was adjusting the camera and pointing the lens up, the object flew away.

The orphan of Kazan

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The script was based on a real newspaper ad. While browsing the morning press, the film's screenwriter stumbled upon a letter from a woman who was trying to find her father through the newspaper.

The shooting of the New Year's film began in March and was nearly lost due to the weather. Suddenly, the rain began to melt almost completely all the snow that was lying. “The temperature was +5 or +4, and there was not a single gram of snow! - recalls the director Vladimir Mashkov. “We have purchased 9 artificial snow refrigerators.”

At some point, they even talked about postponing the shooting to next year. But soon nature took mercy and such a heavy snowfall began that at some point during filming on the street, actress Elena Shevchenko began to resemble a large snowball.

During the filming, Nikolai Fomenko faced a rather serious test. The episode in which his character Kolya sets a Christmas tree in a blizzard was filmed using a powerful aircraft-helicopter engine. According to the actor's stories, at some point from a strong wind-blowing temperature dropped to -35 ° C and he was covered with an ice crust.

Lev Durov was even less fortunate. During the shooting of the scene where the "fathers" are fighting, and Kolya is separating them, a tragedy almost happened. Valentin Gaft accidentally pinched Durov's carotid artery, and the actor lost consciousness for a few seconds. Fortunately, everything worked out, moreover, it was this role that brought Lev Konstantinovich a new round of popularity.

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But Valentin Gaft was dissatisfied with his work on the role, he worried all the time and thought that he was playing badly. In an interview, he admitted that he could not hold out the role to the level that the director wanted. Although, of course, colleagues with Gaft did not agree.

Many remembered in the film the charming but negligent student Nastya Demendeev. He was played by a young actor Mikhail Filipchuk. Before that, he had already starred in the movie "Thief". However, he soon disappeared from the screens and for a long time refused to communicate with the press, leaving his fans wondering where he disappeared. Mikhail decided not to associate his life with cinema and graduated from the Physics and Technology Institute. Now he works as an analyst for an international company and does not like to talk about his former popularity. At some point, he just got tired of attention and fame.

Come see me

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The film is based on the play by Nadezhda Ptushkina "While she was dying". For Oleg Yankovsky, this was the first and only directorial experience. According to him, he wanted to film some kind, bright fairy tale.

Both Inna Churikova and Anna Kamenkova auditioned for the role of Sofya Andreevna, but then the director remembered Ekaterina Vasilyeva and decided to call her. True, at first the actress refused: “I thought that Yankovsky would offer me the role of Tatiana (daughter). And he asked me to play an old woman. I was afraid that I would not cope with the role and would feel uncomfortable, and this is immediately visible on the screen. " To which Oleg Ivanovich smiled and said: "Well, you are not that young."

During the filming, there were some curiosities. For example, sometimes Irina Kupchenko did not agree with some of the acting tasks and said to Yankovsky: “I think that it is impossible to play it like that. Do you think it is possible? Show me! " And when Oleg Ivanovich showed it, all the questions immediately disappeared.

One of the most controversial episodes was the scene in which the hero of Yankovsky had to slap Tatyana in the face. Of course, the actor categorically refused this, since this behavior was unacceptable for him. But the second director insisted that it was necessary for the development of the plot. In the end, they decided to shoot a general shot from afar, and Kupchenko was not even visible in the frame because of the door. The audience heard only cotton.

Oleg Yankovsky spoke about this film like this: “If I were Grandfather Frost or Munchausen, I would have reconciled everyone long ago ... I am sure that when many people wish evil, then everyone has a bad time, for example, an earthquake happens. And if everyone wanted good, then prosperity and good would begin. I would reconcile everyone, and perhaps as a result, something would happen that would change everyone's life for the better. How it happened in our film. "

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