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Thanksgiving Dinner: Safety


Source: The Courier

One of America’s most beloved holidays of the year is approaching - Thanksgiving. So, there will be a plentiful table full of food, there will be a lot of delicious food, drinks, a lot of communication and a good mood. And so that this mood is not ruined, it is important to know a few rules that will save you from poisoning and other holiday troubles. Gives advice The Courier.


Properly store and cook the turkey
In order for the turkey to remain fresh and defrost safely, it is best to put it in the fridge today and leave it at the rate of 24 hours of defrosting for every 4-5 pounds of poultry. In any case, it is necessary to keep it in the refrigerator exactly until you send the bird to the oven. Badly cooked meat can also be a source of digestive problems and even poisoning. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your turkey is fully prepared. The internal temperature measured by a meat thermometer should be at least 165 degrees in both the breast and turkey thighs. Where there is dark meat, it may be even more.

Choose the right thing to take
In many families, it is customary for all guests to bring some prepared treat with them and put it on the common table. But there is always the risk of not delivering ready-made food or not finding a place to store it. What is the best way to deal with this situation? Consider what you can bring in a cooler bag, and avoid placing the food in the machine in direct sunlight. Ideally, grab a bottle of wine or something that can be safely stored at room temperature, like plain buns.

Store leftovers correctly
Not only the turkey will remain, and not only can it spoil. Remember - any food should not be on the table for more than two hours. All that remains after this, it is desirable to throw away. Fill the rest into small containers and put into the fridge immediately after eating. They need to eat for 3-4 of the day or freeze. If you immediately realize that you will not be able to use all this in the coming days, put the containers in the freezer right there.

Process food properly while cooking.
In order for someone not to become ill, it is not enough to observe the expiration dates. Be attentive to such a nuance as the possibility of cross-infection by bacteria. When you cook several dishes at the same time, wash your hands, moving from one dish to another, wipe the countertop and wash the dishes. If you go into the room during the cooking process to talk on the phone, or pet the dog, wash your hands before returning. Use clean towels and change them frequently. Make sure all your helpers, including babies, follow the same rules.

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