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Rules of raising children from the family of Mark Zuckerberg


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Model of parenting Mark Zuckerberg took over from their parents. A curious fact: the ancestors of Edward and Karen Zuckerberg - came from Ukraine: Edward - from Galicia, and Karen - from Vinnitsa.

Edward Zuckerberg did not try to raise a billionaire, but his son became one. The same rules of education now adheres to Macr Zuckerberg. The rules of raising children from the family Zuckerberg his father told in an interview INC.


Mark Zuckerberg's father - Edward was born in a family of the postman and the housewife. His parents, being poor people, wanted his son to receive a profession that would provide him a steady income, and therefore, after graduating from high school, Edward chose the dental college at New York University.

Work for yourself... Edward Zuckerberg is a dentist. Even today, he is a practicing physician in Dobbs Ferry, New York State. His wife, a licensed psychiatrist by profession, he said, coped well with the role of personal secretary. As a result, young Mark grew up and saw how his parents earn a living and do business from home: using the most modern technologies of the time.

“My children grew up in an office where everyone was with computers on you,” says Dr. Zuckerberg. - There are advantages to getting to know a computer at an early age. From this, Mark’s interest in technology has largely evolved. ”

Mark Zuckerbreg adds that Augusta (the youngest daughter of Mark and Priscilla Chan) and two-year-old Maxima were born in one of the richest families in the world, which takes 16 place in the world Forbes, but they grow in a normal situation, without diamond earrings and designer items of a thousand dollars.

Define and strengthen boundaries. Dr. Zuckerberg influenced Mark's discipline. He said that he “did not see the point in physical punishment,” but added that sometimes parents should immediately show children that certain behavior is unacceptable. ”

In general, you can be a progressive parent, but it’s worth remembering that children are children. They need you to be a mom or dad for them.

Provide children with financial security. There are many stories where people from poor families became entrepreneurs. The chances that a child grows willing to take risks is greater if he has a stable financial base. Zuckerberg Sr. sought financial independence long before the meeting with his wife and the appearance of children.

“If you’re a Jewish child in New York and don’t shine with your mind, then your parents will definitely want you to become a doctor or a dentist,” he admits.

Therefore, despite the fact that he himself was interested in computers, Edward Zuckerberg took the path of a stable and prestigious, in the opinion of many, career. In 1975, he entered New York University College of Dentistry.

Two-year-old Maxima first went to kindergarten.

Find and promote the interests of children. “One of the best tips I can give concerns what my wife and I always believed in,” says Dr. Zuckerberg. - Do not impose your opinion on children and do not try to steer their life in a given direction. Instead, learn about their strengths, support and develop their hobbies. "

In one of the articles for the magazine Los Angeles Times Dr. Zuckerberg told how he gave his son a training disk from one of the office computers. According to him, young Zuckerberg learned to program.

“He was bored doing his homework,” says Dr. Zuckerberg. Therefore, he allowed his son to "make a primitive instant messaging program that allowed people from different parts of the dental office and at home to communicate with each other using a computer." The family jokingly called the program ZuckNet.

Parents are Edward and Karen. Photo

Show that you are proud of them. Dr. Zuckerberg says that his son was a "good student" and possessed "outstanding abilities in mathematics and the exact sciences." At the same time, when Zuckerberg Jr. went to Phillips Academy in Exeter before joining Harvard, he was "a very quiet child who did not like to brag about achievements."

By the way, it was in Garvadre that he met his love. Priscilla Chan met Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. A few years later young people got married, but for some time they could not become parents: Priscilla experienced several miscarriages.


Let the children have time to play. It is clear that Dr. Zuckerberg had fun, and he encouraged it in his children. In a journal article New York it is said that he was a “keen diver” who “decorated the walls with photos of corals” and started a 800-liter aquarium with fish in the office. He says that he encouraged their passions in children.

“I consider that any kind of extremes in upbringing are useless. Children need to fully develop. They need to be engaged and played, ”he says.

Keep a balance between work and personal life.. In response to a question about keeping a balance between life and work, Dr. Zuckerberg reiterated that he and his wife worked from home.
“My wife was an amazing woman,” he says. - She managed to work and keep up with chores.

Our case was unique because the office was located in the building of our house. I advise everyone to do so, if the profession of the profession allows. This makes it possible to work while spending time with the children. ”

“One is ready, there are thousands more,” Zuckerberg signed this photo. Photo

Recall that in December 2017, Zuckerberg took "maternity" leave to spend more time with his daughters - at the end of the summer another girl was born in the family, who was named August. Now the most famous American entrepreneur has already returned to work, but this does not prevent him from being attentive to his family and children.

With the first child was also! Zuckerberg immediately stated that he plans to share with his wife all the difficulties of raising a child from the first days of his life. When baby Max came into the world, Mark turned out to be a crazy daddy: he actively shares photographs of the crumbs, in which he changes her diapers and reads books.

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