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Etiquette rules: how to handle a bag so as not to spoil the impression of yourself


Source: Fabiosa

Handbag - an integral part of women's wardrobe, which is great transformed since its inception. It is noteworthy that in the XVIII century handbag had the form of a pocket and was considered an element of underwear. These pockets were located under the rococo fluffy skirt.

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When the bulky dresses went out of fashion, it was difficult to sew such large, baggy pockets to the style of those clothes, so they began to be considered as a separate item of clothing that could be comfortably carried in their hands, writes Fabiosa. So there was a woman's handbag.

But, like other things, women's handbags have their own rules of etiquette, so if you want to be a respected, educated lady, it would be nice to know them!

Carrying etiquette rules

  • Hold the bag in your left hand. This way you can press your hand with your right hand and not create awkward situations when meeting people.
  • Never put the bag on the table. To avoid awkward looks in your direction, do not put the bag on the table - it is not hygienic. Put it behind you or buy a special bag hook.
  • Never place your bag on the floor. The purse is your pride - put it on the floor and you will immediately reveal yourself as an ill-mannered person!

Clutch wearing rules

  • Hold the clutch with two hands and always with your fingers down.
  • Call your little handbag correctly a clutch.
  • Never wear an armpit clutch!

It is also worth considering the fact that you need to keep your handbag clean and tidy, and it is also appropriate to combine it with elements of your wardrobe so as not to be passed for a woman with a lack of taste.

These basic rules for carrying a handbag will help to endear society and show him that you could easily have dinner with Kate Middleton and Megan Markle, without making the royal family embarrassed because of her bulky handbag on the table and ignorance of etiquette!

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