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American rules for her future husband outraged netizens 


Source: Rambler

Users were horrified by the list of rules and advised the drafter to visit a psychologist.

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The girl made a list of ten rules that should be followed by her husband, and decided to share it on his page on Facebook, writes Rambler. However, she noted that she had reduced the list of restrictions, because the previous version was considered too strict.

So, the husband is allowed to drink twice a year, but not get drunk, it is strictly forbidden to conduct social networks, play video games and watch porn. The unhappy man is obliged to “keep the house clean at all times” and “work at least 50 hours a week”. In addition, a husband cannot have girlfriends, only friends and at the same time - lonely.

The girl asked the subscribers to honestly answer what they think about these rules. Many of them were left completely puzzled and emotionally commented on her post:

“Girl, you can't own someone! Looks more like slavery than marriage, ”

"Are you joking?! If not, then I think you will be lonely for a very long time. ”

“Marriage does not imply rules, especially those that violate the boundaries of the other person. With such a list, you will not make your future husband happy! ”

And of course, many subscribers suggested that the girl turn to a psychologist or try to follow the same rules, retiring from social networks for a start.

“Wait a minute, what are you doing on Facebook? Try to follow your own rules - no social networks and male friends. "

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