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Slim on 14 kilograms Lolita revealed the secret of harmony



After parting with her husband, Lolita began to rapidly transform. She lost a lot of weight and emphasized a taut figure with tight outfits. The other day, the singer told how she managed to quickly get rid of extra pounds.


Recently, Lolita broke up with her husband Dmitry Ivanov and began a new life. The singer began to dress differently and released a youth video. But a particularly noticeable change in the artist was the rapid weight loss.

56-year-old Lolita knows how to instantly attract attention to herself. Therefore, for the last outings, she chooses catchy provocative outfits that emphasize the waist and open the legs that are built.

Of course, many were curious how the singer managed to achieve a stunning result in a short time. Someone suspected that Lolita spent all day in the gym, someone thought she was exhausting herself with diets. Some wrote off everything to Photoshop, thanks to which you can turn yourself into a reed in any picture.

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There were those who believed: Lolita suffers from severe depression due to separation from her husband and therefore simply can not eat. That's losing weight.

However, in reality, everything is different. The singer dotted all i, giving an interview to the source "Interlocutor". It turned out that she did not have to change her eating habits at all in order to lose 14 kilograms.

“I don’t go on diets: as I ate twenty times a day, so I eat. I do not deny myself anything. All my fans know about this. And I lost weight thanks to the endocrinologist. You come to him, take tests and get rid of everything unnecessary. Nothing more, I swear! And no diets are needed! ”Said Lolita.

Recall, the separation of Lolita and Dmitry Ivanov was truly scandalous. The singer said that she put her husband cheating on her at night out the door. Their divorce proceedings have not yet been completed, but the singer has clearly flipped through this chapter in her life.

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