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Lose weight in 1 a minute: how and why does the 'corset diet' work?



Is it possible to significantly reduce the waist in just one minute? Yes! It is quite possible to do it with the help of ... a corset. An obvious plus - no diets. In addition, it is impossible to carry the simulator with you eight hours a day, and the corset can be worn at any convenient time.

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It turns out that with this accessory you can really lose weight, and many stars (for example, Gohar Avetisyan and Alena Shishkova) have long used this tricky way, writes How does the corset diet work?

What does a modern corset look like?

This corset is not just a tight belt with lacing or hooks, but a product that has its own characteristics and distinctive features. First, the corset must necessarily provide a correction of the figure, and not a fool around 2 — 3 cm, but a serious stretch in 10 — 15 cm, which dramatically changes the perception of the figure. Secondly, a real corset always has a lacing, thanks to which the weights occur. Thirdly, a special tape is laid in the corset along the waistline to prevent stretching of the fabric.

A good corset will always highlight the waist line (even if it has never been born), will pull the tummy down and smooth out the line of the barrels.

“In some cases, the corset can purposefully correct certain places: the ribs area (important for girls with bulging ribs, up to the keel-shaped breasts), the tummy area (important for women who have given birth), as well as correcting small figure asymmetry.”

Is it harmful to wear a corset

Around the corsets wall stands a number of sustainable myths, originating from the times when there was no such wide range of environmentally friendly materials and in-depth knowledge of the structure of man.

Today, corsets are sewn according to anatomy, and do not affect internal organs. Even a strong utyazhka is distributed in such a way as to not overpressure the vessels, and certainly not contribute to muscle atrophy.

Moreover, with a reasonable approach, the body gradually gets used to the corset. And there are even certain rules for wearing corsets: you need to start from an hour a day with a slight tightening, and then every day to increase the wearing time and the degree of tightening.

Why can I lose weight in a corset

So that the figure could gradually change, the corset with the help of individual patterns and special materials is given the necessary shape to which the body gets used over time, resulting in a decrease in the waist.

In addition, the constant wearing of a corset regulates food intake and does not allow overeating - try to shove a third loaf or ice cream in yourself when the stomach is in a slightly constrained position. Over time, you get used to eating less, so a side effect of wearing a corset can be called weight loss!

But do not think that a corset is only a lot of fat, many rather thin girls with an apple or a rectangle can even train in the gym around the clock and have only lettuce leaves, but they will not have a thin underlined waist. In such cases, the corset comes to the rescue.

“With regard to weight loss, then in such corsets there are no special materials that allow the skin to breathe, but at the same time create a greenhouse effect and contribute to the evaporation of moisture. In this case, the corset can visually adjust the shape, but when you remove it, everything will return to its place. The only thing due to which you can lose weight with long wearing a corset - this is due to the fact that there will be a lot of discomfort. Not in vain in dietetics they talk about fractional nutrition - there is less, but more often, that does not lead to overstretching of the stomach. ”

Corset VS slimming underwear

The effect of the corset is often compared with a slimming underwear. And despite the fact that these things have the same purpose and a single goal in theory, in practice they cope with the task in different ways.

The slimming underwear is such an easy version of the correction when you just need to smooth out small volumes or folds. Moreover, not all representatives of this class cope with this task. A corset performs much more functions: it will not only tighten, but with regular use will reduce the waist in centimeters, straighten posture, suppress appetite and contribute to weight loss.

And by the way, many women feel embarrassed if their slimming underwear casually glimpses before someone's eyes, and the corset, decorated with beautiful lace, on the contrary, looks very impressive.

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