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Lose weight for the holidays: the wife died on the stationary bike



47-year-old Justin Beylenson wanted to please the family and arrange a vacation in Turkey. And his wife, Joanne Lynch decided that for this you need to look your best, so she seriously took up weight loss. But, unfortunately, this led to a tragic result.

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There were only two months left until the dream holiday, so 46-year-old Joanne urgently signed up for the gym. But she didn’t like it there, the more so her nurse’s schedule in the nursing home didn’t allow her to do it when she was comfortable, so the caring husband bought her a simulator. In an effort to catch as much as possible, Joann worked on it every day, writes Life with reference to The Sun.

And one evening after the night shift, a woman, as always, sat down on a simulator, chatting with her husband sitting next to her. But after a few minutes, she felt bad and lost consciousness. Justin at first thought that his wife was kidding, because she never had any health problems. But when the man reached the seriousness of the situation, he called an ambulance and began to provide first aid.

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At the hospital, the doctors immediately warned her husband that Joanne would not be able to help because of severe intracranial bleeding. After the death of his wife, Justin was broken and kept only for the sake of his children. Together with Joanne Justin spent her whole life since 13 years, when a new girl came into the classroom and sat down next to him. They were separated only for some time after school, but now a man will have to learn how to live without her.

“She used this damn machine all the time to look good on the beach. I bought it for her, but after she died, I threw it away. I felt like it was all my fault. She was my first love and will now be my last, ”Justin admits.

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