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Behavior that betrays a 'cheap' woman


Source: Rambler

In fact, a cheap woman is not discovered at all by the price of shoes or an iPhone model. We will talk about the most striking signs that the girl herself often does not pay attention to. But in vain.

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Emphasized arrogance to the staff. Such women allow themselves to be rude to waiters, sellers, hotel administrators, taxi drivers, writes Rambler.

Neglect of the province. For example, in Russia for a cheap woman there is only one decent city - this is Moscow. She speaks of other cities with a malicious smile. Moreover, most often she herself is also a provincial, but she carefully hides it.

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A cheap woman behaves in a public place as if there is nobody around. She straightens the pantyhose and bra straps in front of everyone, speaks loudly on the phone, can start a quarrel with her interlocutor in a public place.

Her speech is sprinkled with jargon and obscene expressions.

Around the clock broadcast of all aspects of your life on social networks. She has dozens of accounts, she publishes gigabytes of photos of her incomparable luxury attributes every day, for example, against the backdrop of other people's expensive cars. It is impossible to judge the real wealth from these pictures, because such women are photographed only in status places.

An additional touch is the love of public exposure.

Defiant behavior in the club. Such a woman will certainly try to climb the bar or find a pole to demonstrate her relaxedness and beauty. True, more often it achieves the opposite effect. Yes, and stay in heels after cocktails is difficult.

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Inappropriate appearance. A cheap woman always strives to be “at the parade”, even when she defiles towards the garbage cans. She rides the subway in a fur coat, bought on credit or begging from a man, and is crazy about branded things. However, she does not have her own style.

Cheap woman does not come out without war paint. And it doesn’t matter that screaming make-up and manicure make it vulgar, and look especially ridiculous with unkempt hair and skin.

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