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The constant vagaries of 4-year-old girl turned out to be a symptom of a rare type of cancer



Two years ago, 38-year-old Lynsey Hughes drew attention to the fact that her 4-year-old daughter Ivy became a lot of naughty, but attributed the girl’s behavior to another age crisis. Then she did not yet know that the constant “nagging” of her daughter was caused by a rare disease.

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At first, Linsay did not attach importance to Ivi’s changed behavior, but when the girl stopped going to the toilet, she began to refuse food and began to look exhausted, the woman took her to the doctor, says

Doctors diagnosed the baby with chronic kidney infection and put her on an additional examination and treatment for 5 days, and then let her go home. However, the very next day after discharge, Ivy's lips turned blue sharply and his legs and fingers were swollen. All this was accompanied by severe nausea. Parents immediately drove the girl back to the hospital, where after a series of tests, the doctors informed them of the daughter’s terrible diagnosis - neuroblastoma of the 4 stage.

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An 13-centimeter tumor has formed around one of Ivy’s most important arteries. Cancer also metastasized to bone. On Christmas Eve, instead of festive fun, Ivy began her first chemotherapy cycle. The girl was so weak that she could not even open her New Year's gift. After two years of despair, the hardest treatment and surgery to remove the tumor, the baby's parents received the news that they had been waiting for so long. The cancer receded, and the disease entered a stage of remission.

In the hospital where Ivy was undergoing treatment, there is a tradition: to mark the successful completion of chemotherapy, the child rings a special golden bell. Lindsay will remember the day of the golden bell for a lifetime. Then the whole family gathered in the hospital to celebrate the recovery of the girl. On this occasion, Ivy put on her favorite rainbow dress. At the time of the ringing of the bell, marking the end of the treatment and suffering of the girl, her whole family was shedding tears of joy and relief.

Today, Ivy is already 6 years old, she is quite healthy and lives a carefree life of first-grader.

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