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'Constantly insulted': Friske's father accused Shepelev of mistreating Zhanna


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Vladimir Friske, the father of the singer Zhanna Friske, accused TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev of insults and cruel treatment of his daughter. He told about this in an interview with the correspondent of "Sobesednik", writes "".

Zhanna Friske. Photo: screenshot ELLO / YouTube

Friske said that Shepelev constantly insulted his daughter.

“I told her:“ You’re scary, nobody will need you! ”- said the singer's father.

“If my daughter asked him for something, he did it, but with great reluctance and sarcasm. I asked everyone: “Will Zhanna be able to return to her previous form, become as beautiful as before her illness?”, - explained Friske.

According to him, after the doctors told Shepelev that this was unlikely, he “stopped going into Jeanne’s room at all”.

The singer's father said that his daughter herself did not want to see her civil husband, because she realized that he was a very cruel person.

“It turns out that he insulted her back in America and in Riga, where he went with her [for treatment and rehabilitation],” added Friske.

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He very much regretted that he learned too late about Shepelev's bullying.

“Zhanna's friends knew about it - Lera Kudryavtseva, Olga Orlova, Vlad Lisovets. They talked about it to my wife Olga - Zhanna's mother, but they hid it from me, ”said the singer's father.

According to Friske, relatives feared that if he found out about his daughter's insults, he could "do something with Shepelev right on the spot."

Dmitry Shepelev has been in a civil marriage with Zhanna Friske since 2012. They had a son, Plato, who is currently seven years old. Zhanna Friske died of an inoperable brain tumor on June 15, 2015.

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