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Star'Gold and stout ': Sofia Rotaru shocked fans with her appearance



Recently Sofia Rotaru performed at a private party of a Voronezh businessman. The 73-year-old singer surprised the audience not only with her vocal abilities, but also with her appearance, they write

Photo Shoot: sofiarotaru.official / Instagram

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sofia Rotaru practically did not leave her country house in Kiev. Fans managed to miss the People's Artist. Released, the performer of the hit “I will call the planet by your name” shocked the audience with a changed figure. She recovered noticeably.

For a performance in Voronezh, Sofia Mikhailovna picked up an outfit that could not hide the extra pounds. The people drew attention to the rounded belly.

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“That’s gone!”, - one of the fans was surprised, noting that such a complete artist has never been.

“Got old and stout,” writes another.

Music critic Sergei Sosedov, on the contrary, is not amazed at the sight of the plump artist. He recently said that Sofia Mikhailovna does not look like she does on the screen. Like, the singer is trying with all her strength to keep herself in shape, but in vain.

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