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After the death of Alexandra Nazarova, her 10-year-old orphan granddaughter was left alone



20 of August on the 80 year of life the national artist of Russia has died Alexandra Nazarova, known to the viewer for her roles in the TV series "The Brigade" and "My Fair Nanny," and to the older generation, for the film "And if it's Love?". A woman raised one 10-year-old orphan granddaughter. Now she is in a summer camp. What now awaits a girl left without relatives?


People's Artist of Russia Alexander Nazarov passed away. There are no relatives of the 79-year-old star, except for the 10-year-old granddaughter-orphan Sasha. It’s the fate of the girl that becomes the main issue today, writes

Alexandra Ivanovna, a lady already in years, in recent years not only wanted, but was forced to work to support her granddaughter, who remained in her arms at the age of two after the strange death of her only son Dmitry. And the girl became a real outlet for the star.

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In an interview with reporters, the actress admitted that she still does not know what happened to her heir, who constantly asked her for money. In the examination it was dryly written - a trace from one injection. A young man died on the landing of someone else's house. And due to the fact that the son died, she was very angry with him.

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After the death of Dmitry, his daughter ended up in an orphanage, her own mother passed her there and disappeared. The actress managed to take custody and pick up the two-year-old baby to her. The star always worried that something would not give her granddaughter. During the performances there was a nanny with her, they did lessons together. And in conversations with her grandmother, Sasha sometimes asked what would happen when she was gone.

“I answer her some regular stupidity ... This is all problematic. I wrote a testament a long time ago, ”said the actress.

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According to, the granddaughter of Nazarova left another guardian - the sister of the deceased husband of the actress. Now 10-year-old Sasha is in a children's camp in Anapa, according to the Federal News Agency, citing a source in theatrical circles.

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The actress’s colleagues at the Yermolova Theater later on the council will discuss how to transport Nazarova’s granddaughter to Moscow, and decide on the time and place of the funeral.

Recall that the star of the series “My Fair Nanny” was always anxious about the 10-year-old Sasha. Nazarova rewrote all her property to a girl. In recent years, the artist lived with an heiress in a two-room apartment, which was located in a sleeping area of ​​the capital.

In the evening (Moscow time) on August 21 RIA News reported that a friend of Alexandra Nazarova said that the second guardian will be engaged in the upbringing of her orphan granddaughter.

“The girl has had another guardian for a long time. Don't worry, the child will not be abandoned, ”the woman said.

According to her, the girl periodically went to visit the guardian.

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