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After an unsuccessful wedding, 49-year-old husband could not remember his wife


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In the Scottish region of West Lothian, a husband fell at a wedding from a height of 3,7 meters and fell into a coma. According to the newspaper Daily Mirror, after awakening, he forgot about the recent ceremony.

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49-year-old Chris Mallon fell while carrying wedding gifts to his bridal room, suffered fractures in his skull, bones of his back, shoulder, and arm, and seriously injured his heart and lungs. He was urgently taken to a hospital, where he stayed in a coma for ten days, writes report.

Waking up, Fallon did not immediately recognize his wife, 43-year-old Avril.

“Then I sang a song that we danced to at the wedding, and he began to sing along,” the wife explained. “It was a very moving moment.”

Chris said that at the celebration he drank just a couple of alcoholic drinks.

“There is a railing with one crossbar - with a gap of one and a half meters,” the victim recalls. - I tripped on a step and slipped forward. The next thing I remember was when I woke up in the hospital ten days later. "

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A month later, the Scot went on the mend, and he was allowed to return home. Doctors were surprised that he was able to walk.

“I don’t know if it’s my obstinacy or the whole matter is the injuries I received, but I quickly tried to get on my feet,” he said.

Mallon is currently not allowed to work and go to the gym. As a result of the fall, he became deaf in his left ear, lost his sense of smell and ceased to feel the taste of food.

“It is a miracle that he is with us,” Avril emphasized. “He's getting better quickly.”

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