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Domestic help vs sofa after work: how do foreign husbands differ from ours


Source: "Runaway Notes" on Yandex.Zen

My friend is married to a German. Despite the fact that she does not work and “sits at home with her child,” and her husband is responsible for raising finances, no one canceled his household chores, the author of the channel writes. "Notes of a Runaway" on Yandex.Zen.

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The other day, she went with her child to a dance, for which her three-year-old daughter had been recording for a long time. Classes were canceled at the last moment, and a friend decided to take her daughter to a children's center in the nearest mall. When they returned home, the husband was waiting for his ladies with a prepared dinner. He knew that she would have no time to cook, and took this task upon himself.

This is a common situation in families abroad. Even in mixed marriages. In addition, the husband of that friend takes out the trash and buys groceries for home. This is his obligatory duty. The wife cooks, cleans up and sits with the child. Honestly? In my opinion, yes.

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Is this normal for Russian couples? Not really.

All my friends who live in Russia come home after work - and the second shift begins: washing, cleaning, cooking. In addition, you still need to have time to entertain the children and do lessons with them, and then portray a happy nymph for her husband.

What does the husband do in the evening? Well, how ... He rests from a working day, plays computer games, watches TV, eats.

When I lived in Italy, all household chores were also shared between us, although I did not work. Italians love to cook, so on weekends I never cooked - a man did it. He cooked himself or we went somewhere delicious lunch.

Cleaning? A cleaning specialist came to us (this service was included in our apartment rental). Each of us washed our own things on our own. And this is not something outstanding - this is a normal lifestyle abroad.

The other day I went on a date in Omsk. We had known each other for a long time, but before that we had always communicated as friends. We decided to try to meet. The young man first brought me to his kitchen, gave me frozen pizza, so that I myself would cook it for us. An original way to arrange a date, right?

When I asked for help, since I didn’t know how his oven worked, he rolled his eyes and started shouting something like “a woman should”, “I don’t know anything in the kitchen”, “this is your duty” and “what, Is it difficult for you? "

After that I sat down in front of the TV.

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When, after getting to know the oven, I decided to keep him company in front of the TV and offered to watch something other than a sports channel, he switched to a fishing channel. Then he began to assert that there was nothing more to watch on TV.

In general, the prospect of “supporting a domestic manufacturer” scares me ...

Does your husband or boyfriend help with household chores?

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