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Benefit and harm: what happens to the body when you eat cheese

23.10.2021, 14: 02 EST

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The benefits and harms of parmesan, camembert, mozzarella and other types of favorite cheese snacks - in a special reference Sputnik.

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There are a considerable number of conflicting and opposing opinions about what helps the body stay young, and that, on the contrary, brings it closer to aging.

And if earlier you heard statements that cheese only harms the body and “ages”, new research by scientists proves that it can become an excellent companion in the pursuit of eternal youth.

So what really happens with the body when you spoil yourself with your favorite cheese?

Plus cheese

The debriefing should start with a study published in Clinical Nutrition that showed that one of the lactic acids found in many cheeses reduces the risk of heart disease.

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Also, cheese is famous for a considerable amount of healthy proteins and fats, which are involved in the regeneration of body cells. The cheese contains calcium, which strengthens bones, as well as vitamins D and rare B12, due to which new cells are formed - red blood cells.

Few people realize that cheese stores a considerable amount of beneficial bacteria, and due to its fermentation it favorably affects the intestinal microbiota, improving the metabolism.

Cheese with a minus sign

And now it’s worth moving on to not the most pleasant moments. The main danger posed by cheese is not the high calorie content of the product and fats, but salt. And the abuse of salty foods can lead to impaired renal function, fluid retention and endless swelling.

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A lot of questions arise around the quality of the cheese itself, or rather the milk from which the delicacy is made. If the cow was maintained with antibiotics, they would surely end up in cheese. That is why it is worth the most careful approach to choosing a product - this way you will avoid problems with the endocrine system and hormones.

But do not go to extremes. Practice moderate consumption of cheese and do not expect that thanks to it you will be younger for a few years or vice versa - turn into an old man.

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