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Full America: Why are there so many fat people in the US?


Hello to all slim and not very! Today we have to work with weights, centimeter tapes and a calculator, because we will analyze why Americans are so mmm ... chubby, or something. Well, or how is it politically correct? Oh yes. Horizontally challenged! So, is fat America a sentence or is the devil not so terrible?

A few years ago they would have asked me what the average American looks like, and I would imagine it this way:

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But when I moved here, I saw that fat people even play sports. This is the discovery.

Why, then, does America remain fat?

As you know, our figure on 80% depends on the food we eat (and, I suppose, genetics), and on 20% - on exercise. So where are the Americans' weak point?

Physical activity

The only difference between Americans and residents of other countries is that they drive by car everywhere. They do not have the concept of “go down for some bread”, because all shops are far away. There are often no sidewalks for pedestrians, and those who walk or ride a bicycle are looked at with sympathy. Like, can not afford a car. Of course, there are no bike lanes. This is not Europe! In our city, only Filipinos ride bicycles (for financial reasons), and Russian sailors walk on foot. Well, why do they need a car if they are passing through? That is, by swimming.


One day, I still watched the famous and lauded film of the Australian director and actor Damon Gamo.That sugar film”Where he traveled in the USA and said that it is very difficult to find a normal meal here. This is true! If you are hungry, it is much easier to go there, which is close - and this is incomparable McDonald's. They are here at every turn.

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I would also recommend the film “Sugar”. Filmed slightly old-fashioned, but interesting!

Not only do Americans often eat unhealthy food, but they also eat it in huge portions. For example, we sometimes order pasta in an Italian restaurant. The size "dinner portion"(Portion" for dinner ") - plate-container 20 × 20 cm (in fact, a frying pan of pasta) with a rich creamy sauce. Yes, and a portion for dinner with some sort of more dining. Like for dinner you need to eat less? No, no, not heard.

Let's try to find a pattern between obesity and the number of fast-food restaurants and the amount of soda you drink. After all, thick America would not be so without these states!

The "thickest" states:

Arkansas (35,9% are obese: 41,7% adults and 20% children).

West Virginia (35,7%). This state has the highest incidence of diabetes - 14,1%!

Mississippi (35,5%). This state is the most "inactive" of all US states.

Louisiana (34,9%). In the state, the number of cancer patients is increasing every year due to obesity.

Alabama (33,5%). 40,3% of residents suffer from hypertension - Alabama on 2 location after West Virginia.

Oklahoma (33%). Let's hope that Oklahoma will lose weight soon due to the many social programs that are moving in the state.

Indiana (32,7%). This state also often falls into the list of the most "unhealthy" states.

Ohio (32,6%). Moreover, childhood obesity - 17.4% of all children up to 17 years.

North Dakota (32,2%).

South Carolina (32,1%). Childhood obesity is here - 21,5%.

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States with the highest number of McDonald's:

California - 1492.


Florida - 986.

Ohio - 822.

New York - 767.

Illinois - 738.

Michigan - 631.

Pennsylvania - 583.

Georgia - 511.

North Carolina - 475.

By the way, did you know that McDonald's in New York City in Manhattan at 160 Broadway has marble tables, waiters, private rooms, a piano, live music and a doorman ?!

Well, so far I do not see any relationship between the number of fat people and the McDonald's. Now let's look at our sweet tooth! The USA drinks 154 liters of soda per person per year, 13 liters per month, or 0,5 L-jar per day. This is if everyone. Well, in 48 life,% of all residents drink soda every day. My husband, for example, drinks up to 6 cans of 0,33 liters per day.

Many people do not drink soda, not because they do not like, but because it is too late - they have earned themselves diabetes. I rarely drink soda, I just don't like it every 1-2 week! I am more and more on pie.

So, the states that drink the largest amount of sugary carbonated drinks:

Mississippi - 47,5% people.

Louisiana - 45,5%.

West Virginia - 45,2%.

Oklahoma - 44,6%.

Kentucky - 43,2%.

South Carolina - 42,1%.

North Carolina - 41,5%.

Indiana - 36,2%.

Ohio - 32,8%.

Iowa - 31,5%.

As you can see, the list almost completely repeats our list of fat states. What is the conclusion? Less need to soda to drink!

Do you know what is interesting? In one article I read that the average American uses 2638 kcal, the average American uses 1785 kcal. Is that possible? I thought. Then in another article I found information that a person is inclined to underestimate the food eaten by about 500 calories. That is, he believes? what he ate less than he actually did. Now this is more like the truth.

Some still justify being overweight with salary, schedule, stress and other things ... But let's be honest, we are in stress in our homeland, with a tight schedule and illogically low salaries! So do not be here la la. And then all evening pout, and in the morning poisoned with poison.

From practical recommendations, I propose to close all McDonald's and open fast-food restaurants, where the main dish is grated carrot and cabbage salad.

Hopefully, today's fat America will one day grow older. And we wish her good luck and great will power!

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