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US Store Return Policy: Immigrant Personal Experience


Source: Yandex Zen

One of the nice bonuses of living in the USA is the return policy. Everything is returned here, the author of the blog "The ABC of the immigrant" writes on Yandex Zen. Next - from the first person.

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They return everything here. This is not only about defective household appliances and other expensive purchases. You can even return soap whose smell did not like.

1. You have the right to return even your underwear. I once came across an interview with a Target employee who told me that one day he had to take back ... a worn bra. A girl brought him and said that he did not fit. Although judging by its appearance, it was not only worn, but also washed many times. However, the client is always right, so the employee had no choice but to accept the goods back and return the money.

2. There is no need to carry out any examinations - it is enough to show the receipt and say that you want to return the goods. The first item my husband and I returned was a TV. At that time, we recently arrived in the States and did not yet know how the return policy works. Bought a TV online. Delivered it quickly. We open it and do not believe our eyes - the screen is broken. Remembering how difficult it was to return something in Russia, we immediately went to the store. And what was our surprise when no one even opened the box with the broken telecom, no one checked anything. They only asked if we want to replace the TV or get the money back.

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3. Buy a lot, return what you didn't like. In the United States, people value their time and do not waste it on many hours of shopping in search of clothes, shoes, equipment, and so on. Easier to order online. Many people I know do this: they order a lot of items online, get them, try them on, choose what they like, and return the rest back. Comfortable? I think yes!

4. Discount after you have already bought the product - no problem! Now imagine the situation: you bought a product a few days ago. And today we saw that the store made a discount on it. What will an American do in this situation? That's right, call the store and demand a discount. And it works! I have repeatedly witnessed such actions.

5. When buying goods that involve gifts, you can return everything except the gift. If the store conducts something in the form of a "Buy two goods - the third is a gift" promotion, you can buy and then return the two goods for which you paid. And the third is free. He was a gift.

However, some retailers, including grocery stores, have stopped accepting returns due to the coronavirus pandemic. The changes were made to reduce the spread of the disease. In which large retail chains refunds are suspended - Read here.

Original column published on the blog. “The ABC of the immigrant” on “Yandex Zen»

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