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Useful services in America


I want to share with you useful services that are popular in the United States.

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✴️ Rental housing - everyone knows about Airbnb.comthrough which you can rent a house all over the world, but not many have heard about This is an analogue that is used in America, and it is also possible to rent housing in many countries through it, but the likelihood that the owner will be American is very high. VRBO - Vacation Rental by Owner is a part Home Away.

✴️ Getting around the city and searching for information - Google Mapshowever trite it may sound. In my opinion, it is better to use Google-cards and not Apple . I do not know how Apple improved my cards now, but a few years ago they brought me to some kind of jungle to an office that moved from that 6 building years ago? I lost half a day, after this cards Apple do not use.

✴️ Selection of cafes, restaurants and rankings of places - Yelp. Some time ago this application could not be downloaded to iPhone, unless you are from an American iTunesI hope now they have changed the conditions. If the phone failed to download, go to their website

✴️ Delivery of ready meals - Seamless is the largest middleman between cooks and hungry customers? You do not pay anything for delivery, they have almost all restaurants, cafes and even small cafes on the Internet. Delivery from 20 minutes to 1,5 hours, depending on the workload of a particular restaurant, the day and time of order, your distance.

✴️ Delivery of ingredients - or A little different from each other in the packaging of products, the filing of recipes, but in principle, very similar. My friends and I use alternately one or the other. If you plan to come to the US and rent an apartment with a kitchen, these two services will help to save a lot of money on going to restaurants.

✴️ Food Delivery - Fresh Direct and Amazon Fresh - the two largest services. There are analogs, but I assume that you came to America for a short time and order yourself a delivery of products a couple of times. At these services you will find a large selection and the ability to pay for a single delivery or per month.

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