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The health benefits of coconut oil are a myth


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Scientists say that the advertised "healthy fats" in coconut oil - no.
For years, coconut oil has been declared a boon to your hair, skin, and heart. Try searching on Pinterest recipe for dessert that does not require this ingredient. But, with all the supposed benefits of coconut oil, is it really useful?
As it turned out, most likely, no, writes Health.
Yes, some people claim that coconut oil acts in the body differently than other types of saturated fats. But a review of 21 research, published earlier this year in culinary reviews, refuted this claim as "unproven." And although some researchers have pointed out that people who eat a lot of coconut produce do not experience complications of the cardiovascular system, the review authors doubt this. After all, the relevant groups of the population consisted of indigenous people who ate the pulp of the fruit or coconut cream as part of the traditional diet, and not just added coke oil to the western dishes.
Finally, it is argued that if coconut oil can raise so-called "good" cholesterol, it may help protect your heart - and that could be a reason to include more in your diet. But a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that the product may not be as useful as experts believe. Researchers found that high HDL levels did not protect against heart attacks or strokes. And people with the highest levels (over 70 mg / dL) actually had an increased risk of death from noncardiac or stroke-related causes compared to people with averages (about 41-60 mg / dL).
The authors of the nutrition study concluded that there is no evidence that consuming coconut oil will improve your cholesterol or reduce the risk of heart disease. Dr. Willett said Health much the same: “There is really no direct evidence that coconut oil is healthy fat,” he says.
“Coconut oil has some unique flavor, so it's wise to use it in special recipes when required,” says Dr. Willett. But since it raises bad cholesterol more than liquid vegetable oils, you are better off cooking with canola, soy, and olive oils.

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