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A fan showed what looks like 71-year-old Sofia Rotaru without sunglasses



In her Instagram 71-year-old Sophia Rotaru usually puts pictures in big sunglasses. But the other day one of the fans published a photo of a famous singer without this accessory.

Photo: Instagram / sofiarotaru_official

“Sofia Mikhailovna! So glad to meet you! Our favorite! Each word is sung with a heart ... ", - with such warm words the fan of Sofia Rotaru laid out a selfie with a star during a corporate party in Alma-Ata, writes

In the close-up photo, the girl is posing with Sophia Mikhailovna - a rare shot in which the actress appeared without glasses. The fans were pleasantly surprised at how their favorite singer looks in her years. The picture was sold to fan-public Rotaru, and comments to it were filled with enthusiastic compliments.

Photo: Instagram

“What a beautiful woman she is !!! I love her! ”,“ True Queen ”,“ Sofia Mikhailovna looks great! ”, - users write.

Fans often discuss the youthful appearance of the singer. Rotaru herself does not talk about her methods of maintaining beauty, but some of the secrets of the singer "give out" her director. So, the ex-director Rotaru in one of the interviews noted that the star still resorts to plastic surgery, but does so extremely cautiously. According to her, Sophia Rotaru does a circular facelift, but no more than once every five to six years, because she understands that it is impossible to overdo it.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

In addition, it is known that the singer takes care of the slim figure, therefore, carefully monitors nutrition - eliminates heavy, fatty foods and evening meals.

According to the current director of the artist, a close friend of Sofia Mikhailovna - a nutritionist, she accompanies the singer even on tour and helps to follow a strict diet. With regard to physical activity, training in the gym star prefers hiking in the woods.

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