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"Repent of your sins!": Ilya Reznik's wife opposed the persecution of Pugacheva


Source: KP

Ilya Reznik's family defended Alla Pugacheva, who found herself in the middle of a scandal after the singer drove a limousine to her personal carriage at Rizhsky railway station in Moscow. The wife of the maestro called what was happening persecution and told about the good deeds of the Prima donna.


Due to the fact that 70-year-old Alla Pugacheva brought a limousine to a personal VIP car at the Rizhsky railway station, the “sharks of the feather” ganged up on the actress, KP.

Pugacheva, by virtue of his recognition throughout his career, pays for a VIP entry and a VIP coupe, but only now criticized it. By the way, the actress did not go on the platform, did not disturb passersby. Alla Borisovna's limousine crept up to her personal railway wagon, located in the tail section of the train, through the gate, which is right opposite the windows of the star compartment. The singer got out of the car, quietly got on the train. But the hype for some reason has risen incredible, the newspaper notes.

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The family of Ilya Reznik, the author of the best hits of Alla Borisovna, spoke out in defense of the star. The poet's wife Irina called “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and redistributed her appeal in defense of Pugacheva.

- Someone started another persecution of Alla Borisovna. I don't know what the reasons are ... - Ilya Reznik's wife Irina is sure. - Or the singers who need a tour are scared by the news (Alla Borisovna was going on tour), and ordered this provocation with the help of their sponsors. After Bari Alibasov's disgusting PR, anything is possible ...


- What did “our everything” of the deadly sins commit? Stole billions of the budget? Committed a crime against a person or an animal? Is it naughty? What happened? Is she coming to the train for the first time? Is she as young and healthy as these singers who demand a car for the gangway, who have done nothing for the USSR, for Russia, like Alla Borisovna? Song poetry, music and performance of the 80s era created the "diamond trio" - Pauls-Reznik-Pugacheva. And no one will be able to repeat this.

Also, the wife of Reznik called on the envious people to “repent of their sins”.

- Every day I pray for the health of Alla Borisovna, that she is in Ilyushin's fate. She is the only one who helped us save my mother a month ago. She was admitted to the hospital for an urgent operation at the clinic, which turned out to be near the house, my mother was taken by my Ilyushenka. She was operated on. The doctors saved her life. Low bow and many and good years to surgeons. But we had nothing to pay with. Copyright would come only at the end of July. Alla Borisovna saved us. She was the only one who expressed his readiness to pay for an expensive operation at Ilya's request. We will pray with Ilya for her health every day. And to you, envious people, I just advise you to go to the temple.

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