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While Starbucks is Closed: Why All of America Bakes 'Whipped Coffee' During Quarantine


Source: Fox News

No way to get your usual Starbucks drink? Not a problem, notices Fox News.

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Thanks to social distance, the universe for many Americans has shrunk to the size of their living space. It's not so bad when it comes to fighting a pandemic, but it's not an easy time for coffee lovers. Self-isolation is synonymous with “without Starbucks,” and, frankly, many are confused because of this.

So “whipped coffee,” a new trend on social media, has become unexpectedly popular. What is it and how to prepare it?

This product - made with instant coffee, sugar and hot water - looks pretty good, although it's not particularly healthy. But if you're short on your favorite drinks, especially sweet or creamy ones, it's worth trying.

This trend began in South Korea, but it has also been popularized by TikTok users in America. In English, this drink is called Whipped Coffee or Dalgona Coffee.

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How to make whipped coffee at home?

To make such a drink is very simple: these are equal parts (usually 2 tablespoons) of coffee, sugar and hot water. You probably have most of these ingredients, and the whipping process is very simple.

Whisk all ingredients in a bowl for about 20 minutes, until a homogeneous mixture forms peaks. Many users whisk by hand, but you can also use a hand mixer - it's not that tedious.

When the whipped coffee becomes thick and frothy, add it to a glass filled with milk and ice, and enjoy!

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