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“Until Shopping Do Us Part”: How To Save A Marriage If You Are A Shopaholic?


Source: Health 24

Are you a shopaholic? Your marriage is at stake! Scientists say that the view of one partner on how the second spends money can lead to conflicts, even separation, says Health 24.


In this case, objective reality may not have any relation to the thoughts of the partner. If the spouse thinks you are spending too much (or so you think about him), all this can damage your marriage. True, it is mostly men who are prone to irritation about this.

The statement applies to married couples regardless of their income level, the researchers say. It doesn't matter how much the wife or husband actually spends on their shopping hobby. In other words, the partner's perceptions and their own feelings about the spending of their faithful "outweigh" the objective reality, the researchers say, based on data from surveys conducted since 2007 in 700 families.

Co-author of the study, Professor Sonia Britt-Lutter, recommends that couples communicate about their financial spending and discuss any controversial issues, especially in the early years of marriage. “Do not think that monetary problems will evaporate as circumstances change and over the years,” the expert advises.

Experts recommend that couples seek a common language in complex issues, including financial ones, to communicate more and find compromises, having a common goal: preserving the couple, and not proof of their own right.

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