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Is it true that women are happier next to ugly men


Source: Rambler

Psychologists from the University of Florida have proven that men who are deprived of external data are much more likely to make a girl happy than a pretty handsome man. And that's why.

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Dr. Tanya Reynolds studied more than 200 newlyweds profiles, writes Rambler.

The questions in the questionnaires were mainly about eating habits, self-care procedures, and self-esteem.

After analyzing the data, the psychologist found out that girls who consider their partners more attractive than themselves are constantly dissatisfied with their appearance.

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Due to low self-esteem, they regularly exhaust themselves with strict diets and physical activity, if only to match their handsome spouse.

In addition, such women constantly live in fear that their partner will meet a more attractive girl and leave the family.

At the same time, women who consider themselves more attractive than their husbands are happy and in absolute harmony with themselves.

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Such girls are not worried that someone will decide to take their lover away, and do not suffer from low self-esteem, thanks to which they manage to enjoy a stable relationship with might and main.

And did you feel happier with a partner with an ordinary appearance?

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