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Why women should not lie in the bath with foam


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Water to the brim, puffs of steam and a cap of foam - what a woman does not like to lie in such a bath. So you can relieve fatigue, calm the nerves, get a charge of freshness. Only all of these advantages can be insignificant compared with the minuses, which result from a long lying in a bath with fragrant foam.

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There is a strong opinion that the bath prolongs youth, has a beneficial effect on all female organs, writes Clever. But the representative of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, MD, obstetrician-gynecologist from San Francisco, Jen Gunter, does not agree. She believes that foam and various bath salts can have a negative effect on a woman. Strongly flavored agents and hard water neutralize the action of natural oils, irritate the most sensitive tissues and change the natural acid-base balance not only of the skin as a whole, but also specifically of the vagina.

The gynecologist-fertility specialist of the Eva Clinic, Inessa Smirnova, warns women against fanaticism when carrying out hygienic procedures and bathing. According to her, some girls and women are ready to immediately take advantage of their entire arsenal of foaming agents, which leads to a serious imbalance of pH balance in the vagina. The fact is that the medium is acidic in it, and most of the gels, bath foams and other products have an alkaline medium. As a result of an imbalance in pH balance, burning, peeling, irritation and itching begin.

The American non-profit organization Environmental Working Group has published an entire report explaining in detail the damage to the so-called bath bombs. The material explains that the composition of these funds include chemicals that cause hormonal disorders, harmful dyes and flavors, containing in its composition harmful toxins. According to a study conducted in 2013, dyes from foamy means are absorbed through the mucous and freshly shaved skin. And it is even worse than if someone inadvertently took a sip from a bath of foamy water. In the latter case, it would break down in the digestive system, and then pass through numerous renal filters. When absorbed through the skin dyes immediately enter the blood.

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Itching and dermatitis are the most innocuous things that can happen. For example, as the authors of the report established, dyes of one of the world-famous cosmetic companies are obtained from petroleum or coal tar. For the human body, both are extremely harmful. And Jen Gunther in such cases does not exclude the possibility of "accumulation" of harmful substances in the body in such quantities that after a long bathing the woman’s skin begins to exude the fragrance not of detergents and foams, but of the very toxins that they have absorbed through the mucous membranes and skin. Dr. Gunter recommends avoiding prolonged hot baths, and using highly flavored products for them.

Specialists of the Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after academician V. V. Kulakov of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation explain that there are a lot of different glands in the vagina. There are they in the muscular tube. If a woman has no violations, nothing accumulates in her vagina, everything goes out. But if you spend hours in the bathroom, the substances that make up the detergents and relaxing agents can disrupt the microflora of the female reproductive system. According to experts, the microorganisms colonizing the vagina “begin to conflict” with each other, which often leads to the uncontrolled reproduction of pathogenic organisms. The latter cause inflammation and even dysbacteriosis.

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Experts at the Drexel University Vaginitis Center in Philadelphia are confident that the impact of foam bubbles on the vaginal microflora very often causes burning, itching, irritation in the entire pelvic area of ​​a woman. Frequent hot baths with all sorts of foamy means not only dry the skin and mucous membranes - they lead to premature aging, says Jen Gunter.

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