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Why swimming can be dangerous for women


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Swimming in the pool is not only pleasant, doctors of many specialties advise their patients to practice this sport. Frequent colds? Excess weight? Early cellulite? Flabby muscles? Cervical osteochondrosis? Back pain? Go swimming - and gradually all problems will disappear. But few people warn that regular and active visits to the pool, however, harm, and most often, women.

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Professional athletes involved in swimming, should be considered the most healthy people. In the process of water training in humans, almost all muscle groups of the body are involved, and at the same time, because of the density of water, they do not experience any special physical activity that can cause them injuries, writes Clever.

Still, doctors from the Department of Sports Medicine at the United States Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid say that this is far from being the case. For example, athletes who are more than four days a week engaged in such a type of swimming, like breaststroke, constantly experience headaches and neck pains. And all because with the periodic and sharp throwing the head up there is an overload in the cervical spine.

The blood vessels inside the vertebrae are momentarily pinched at this moment. This would have no effect on the flow of blood to the brain, if it happened once, or at least rarely. But daily workouts for several years are ways to seriously damage the blood flow and brain function, so American doctors are closely studying this issue.

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Another problem concerns female athletes. For many sports professionals, for various reasons, primary infertility is observed. However, among all swimmers, it is in women with sports achievements in swimming breaststroke, American doctors most often diagnose infertility and other disorders in the reproductive system.

This is due to the fact that during heavy traffic in the water, the lower back of the female athlete flexes actively. The vertebrae, moving towards the sacrum, in turn, briefly pinch the blood and lymphatic ducts located in the spinal column. It is these negative, but alas, frequent and permanent effects on the blood flow in the pelvic area that lead to women's problems.

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Strengthened ventilation

Many pulmonary doctors believe that swimming promotes active rehabilitation of the lungs. Their constant and enhanced ventilation while moving in the water, makes pulmonary vessels more durable. It is impossible to disagree with this, but there are other problems.

Employees of the Minsk regional sports medicine clinic state that the majority of professional swimmers constantly face alveolar capillary damage. Sports doctors in many countries found that breathing under pressure of more than forty millimeters of a water column negatively affects pulmonary capillaries.

When an athlete swims crawl or breaststroke and, with his head in the water, exhales carbon dioxide into it, the pressure in the lungs rises above one hundred millimeters of water column. At the same time, a huge number of air bubbles just enter the capillaries of the alveoli, and then, because of their prolonged presence there, carbon dioxide is corrosive to their thin walls.

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Specialists from the Minsk Regional Center of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health also warn that girls who are constantly engaged in swimming, increased ventilation of the lungs adversely affect the formation of the figure.

During puberty, when the constitution of the body is formed, the active work of the lungs with regular use of their maximum volume, contributes to an increase in the chest. In conjunction with the development of the muscles of the hands, constantly involved in swimming, girls have a general expansion of the shoulder girdle, and the figure as a whole acquires a male shape.

However, it should be noted that this applies to young athletes who pay water training at least four days a week, that is, they are preparing to become professional swimmers. In the field of amateur visits to the pool, this tendency in girls and girls is usually not observed.

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