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Why Sarah Jessica Parker's Store Closes: Unlucky Celebrity Business


Source: RBC Style

They have repeatedly tried to invest in serious projects, but in the end they burned out. We tell which of the successful and famous artists are not lucky in the role of businessmen.

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Sarah Jessica Parker: clothing brand

Carrie Bradshaw from the series “Sex and the City” was repeatedly called an icon of style. Despite the success of her heroine, Sarah Jessica Parker herself was not able to get into the rating of fashion designers, writes RBC Style... In 2007, Parker released a line of Bitten clothing at modest prices: tops for $ 20 were instantly sold out, but things did not go further, public interest faded after the debut collection. In addition, the Steve & Barry's department store, in which Parker opened her first store, went bankrupt and closed. The actress did not stop there and tried herself in business over and over again. In the fall of 2018, she opened a shoe store in New York, and it is popular. By the way, of all the variety of fashionable clothes and accessories, Carrie Bradshaw loved shoes the most.

Beyonce: clothes for the stars

Failure can happen to anyone, and she didn’t get around to the singer, who got into the Guinness Book of Records, gaining the largest number of likes on Instagram photos on 2017. Beyoncé and her mother Tina stood at the head of the House of Deréon brand. Unlike her colleagues, the singer decided not to rely on the mass market, but to create clothes, rather, for performing on stage. Despite large-scale advertising campaigns, the business lasted just over five years and in 2012, the brand’s official Facebook page was no longer updated.

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Mandy Moore: clothing brand

Following the example of many Hollywood celebrities, the This Is Us actress in 2005 launched her own clothing line under the Mblem brand. Moore is partial to beautiful outfits, so she worked on the project in collaboration with several designers. The brand's stores were opened in large shopping centers, and customers liked the youth casual line. The actress determined the prices that were democratic, so the business instantly brought income. But three years after the powerful start, everything changed, there were much fewer buyers - and the stores had to be closed. Moore explained this by the fact that she is always busy with creativity, and she does not have time to lead the brand.

Nicolas Cage: Real Estate Investments

In 2006, an American actor bought property in Germany. He chose not to buy a cozy country house, and the Bavarian Castle Poidstein of the XI century. Moreover, Nicholas did not go into details about the state of the stone fortress: as his real estate agent Sabina Gammel says, Cage did not even need a tour of Poidstein: the actor had only time to go through the main gate, as he immediately said that this was exactly what he needed. The dilapidated castle cost Cage $ 2,3 million. Twice more money was needed for the restoration of the facades, but it never came to internal repair. Three years after the purchase, Cage declared himself bankrupt, and the castle was sold.

Eva Longoria: night club and steakhouse

In 2009, the Golden Globe nominee for her role in the TV series “Desperate Housewives” opened a nightclub in Las Vegas, naming it in her honor - Eve Nightclub. Longoria was pleased with the project: she often invited friends to the club and celebrated her birthday there. Nevertheless, the club went bankrupt, leaving the owner with a $ 6 million debt. Three years later, after the failure, Longoria opened a steakhouse, but the restaurant also quickly closed. Since 2008, the actress has owned a network of Latin American cuisine restaurants Beso ("Kiss"). This business has survived, but under the leadership of other owners and under a new name - Hollywood Boulevard.

Dmitry Nagiyev: Chinese Restaurant

In 2016, Dmitry Nagiyev headed the ranking of the richest actors according to Forbes, earning $ 3,2 million. In the same year, the host of the show “The Voice” decided to invest in the restaurant business. In his Chinese restaurant "Yellow River" Nagiyev invited a Beijing chef. It turned out to be an interesting place with an average check of about 2000 thousand rubles, where visitors, while waiting for food, could communicate with the mascot of the establishment - the piglet Husha. However, the restaurant at 250 seats worked for only six months. The matter was spoiled by the high rent in the Taganka area and the ban on parking near the building, and besides, the kitchen was too original: people went to the “Yellow River” for the sake of diversity, and not all the time.

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Andrei Arshavin: auto business

Destroyed business is not always a badly thought out development strategy or ignorance of the target audience. Footballer Andrei Arshavin in 2007 was not lucky with his partner. Together with businessman Pyotr Tingaev, they opened a Baltavtotrade salon in St. Petersburg. At first, the business went uphill, bringing a good income, but after five years the profit began to decline sharply. As it turned out, Tingaev invented a fraudulent scheme, under which he removed several million rubles from the general account. Then he received a loan for 200 million rubles, forging the signature of Arshavin, declared by the guarantor. In 2018, the failed cheating businessman received five years of probation, and the footballer had to pay off his partner’s debts with arrested property.

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