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Why do Japanese women look twice as young at age 40: the main secrets of leaving


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Smooth skin, lack of wrinkles and a fresh complexion - this is how Japanese women look in their 40+. Maybe this is available to us? How to stay beautiful and youthful without braces and Botox injections, tells Woman Rambler.

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If you adhere to the advice of Japanese women on an ongoing basis, after a couple of months you will not recognize your face. Check it out?

  1. Hydrophilic oil instead of micellar water

The more moisture, the better. Using hydrophilic oil, you will not injure your skin - the formula quickly dissolves makeup and removes impurities. Bonus - additional hydration for the skin.

  1. Professional facial massage instead of Botox

You need to go to the cosmetologist not for Botox injections and facelift, but for a professional massage that improves blood circulation, removes deep wrinkles and gives the skin a tone. This is an excellent prevention of aging.

  1. Thermal water, lotions and softners instead of dense creams

Choose everything that moisturizes the skin in the morning, at night and throughout the day, but does not go too thick. You can apply using a sponge and a convenient spray.

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  1. Mask with toner instead of wiping with a cotton pad

In order for the moisturizing lotion (toner) to act on the deeper layers of the skin, it must be applied not to a cotton pad, but to a paper mask - a set of masks can be purchased at a cosmetic store. Leave for 15 minutes and see that this method is much more effective.

  1. Washing in the morning and evening

Few people wash themselves with special products in the morning, and this must be done. Yes, you don’t have cosmetics on your skin, but there are dirt, dust and microscopic particles that should be removed before applying makeup.

  1. Sunscreens even in winter

As you know, the sun rises every day, even in winter, which means that the skin needs protection. Even if you run out of the house on a frosty day for bread, do not forget to apply a face cream with an SPF of 10 or higher.

  1. Green tea instead of soda

You can improve metabolism and improve skin tone in just 2 weeks by drinking a cup of green tea a day. Another tip: leave a cup of green tea in the refrigerator, and then moisten a cotton pad with it and wipe your face instead of tonic.

  1. Minimalism instead of maximalism

Do not buy too many care products, otherwise the skin will be confused and will take revenge on an unpleasant rash. It is enough for you to limit yourself to sunscreen, hydrophilic oil cleanser, cleanser, serum, tonic and moisturizer.

  1. Visit a beautician and dermatologist regularly

More than once every 10 years - when irreversible changes have already occurred to your skin. It is important to take all preventive measures, then you can look much younger at any age.

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