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'Why am I getting old, but she is not?': Alla Pugacheva again shocked fans. A PHOTO


Source: UNIAN

Alla Pugacheva once again provoked a wave of discussions among fans. Maxim Galkin published a photo in which, in the opinion of the fans, Pugacheva and Galkin look like the same age (recall, Pugacheva 70, and her spouse 42).

Russian showman Maxim Galkin shared a new photo on his Instagram page, in which he poses with his wife Alla Pugacheva, writes UNIAN.

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Star couple made a selfie in the car. In the frame of the Diva poses in an unusual way: a white sweater with original cutouts.

Recall that Alla Borisovna is a lover of black robes. The artist's hairstyle also surprised the fans: the singer appeared with straight hair with bangs.

Here is a photo closer:


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Pugacheva's husband also looks fresh in the photo: Galkin appeared with curly hair. He is fresh and rested. The picture became popular on the web, collecting many likes and enthusiastic comments.

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Many are delighted with how Alla Pugacheva looks: “Alla Borisovna is getting more and more beautiful every day”, “Alla Pugacheva looks gorgeous”, “Why am I getting old, but you are not?”, “A beautiful couple”.

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