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An American told why she would never give up a child in kindergarten


Source: Cheat sheet

No one expects that something bad will happen to the child in kindergarten. But the sad reality is that many cases of professional negligence and even child death occur in children’s groups, writes Cheat sheet.


Nowadays, moms and dads are busy with work and business more than ever. It is therefore not surprising that many parents pass on the care of children to other people. Kindergarten allows adults to perform their daily tasks, knowing that the child is under the supervision of professionals, and at the same time develops using useful techniques. But are the gardens good?

Kindergartens are almost not checked.

And this is a serious problem. 40% of American children under the age of five attend kindergarten at least several times a week, which seems to be useful, but ... Really efficient and safe working gardens are expensive and difficult to find a place for a child there, so parents go to the first available garden. A survey conducted by the National Institute for Children's Health Development shows that only 10% of US kindergartens provide good care for children.

Children don't die in kindergartens

Childcare is not well paid in most institutions of this kind, therefore, management takes on the work of educators who have not received adequate training in child health and safety. CBS News reports almost 2000 cases of sudden infant death syndrome in 11 states, 20% of these deaths occurred in kindergarten.

Abuse and negligence - more often than it seems

It is hard to imagine that a caregiver can harm your child, but it happens. There are many complaints throughout the country that caregivers and other personnel demean children, cause physical harm or ignore them. Before choosing a group, offers to look at how many children will be in the group with your child and whether there are enough for all professional adults. The group should have no more than 14 children, and no child should be left unattended or ignored.

Kindergarten - hotbed of germs

Pediatrician Henry Ukpe says that when children start going to kindergarten, they get sick more often than usual. But it’s not just a cold that could bother you. Poisoning, conjunctivitis, as well as diseases associated with the hands, feet and mouth, are common even in the best kindergartens.

Sudden death in a bed happens often

Many parents of newborns and nursery workers may not know this, but babies should be laid on their backs to sleep. Many caregivers put babies on their stomachs, and at home parents put them on their backs. Children, accustomed to sleeping on their backs, roll over on their stomachs and 20 times more often die from the sudden syndrome of infant death. Those who have always slept on their stomachs, 5 times more often die from sudden infant death syndrome. It is important to tell the educators directly how the child should be laid. And forbid covering him with blankets.

How to choose the best garden

Experienced parents and caregivers recommend visiting various kindergartens and seeing how employees interact with children. They should play with kids of any age, pay close attention to them and offer quality care. If you are looking for a nanny at home, you should also ask her for a contract of a certain length, so that the caregivers will not change all the time. And do not forget to ask questions in order to understand whether your parental philosophy is consistent with the person’s beliefs and skills.

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