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Why you never see color varnish on Kate Middleton's nails


Source: The Daily Mail

The etiquette of the British royal family must be strictly observed by all its members. And if one of the rules implies that the Queen of Great Britain should always wear gloves in public, then all other women are forbidden to make a bright and noticeable manicure, writes The Daily Mail.

That is why Kate Middleton never puts on her nails colored lacquer, even the most restrained shades. The maximum allowed for women of the royal family is the subtle, very natural shades of pink. The Queen also loves them. Even at the wedding, Kate made a traditional French manicure with nails of a restrained natural shade.

Nevertheless, Kate still paints her nails. Manicurist Marina Sandoval, who cares for Camilla Parker-Bowles, helped her choose the appropriate color. The master said that she mixes two shades: Bourjois no 28 Rose Lounge and Essie 423 Allure.


“Katherine wanted something as natural as possible, and I thought these shades were perfect for her skin tone. She liked the result very much - she called it beautiful and elegant, ”says Sandoval. The Queen herself has been known to regularly use nail polish since 1989. Essie's Ballet Slippers delicate pink shade.


Elizabeth II's hairdresser even wrote to the firm an official letter asking them to send a bottle of varnish, where it was said that this is "the only color that Her Majesty would like to wear."

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