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Why do you never get rich and is it worth it to be upset about this

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


On the one hand, it would seem that everything here is clear. And on the other, judging by questions and comments on this topic, many are not clear to many. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of discrepancies and a complete misunderstanding of who, where, where and why. So I decided to try to make my three cents ... or the ruble ... or the tugrik ...

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For better or worse, the poor were always there, and the rich were always there. This is the Law of the Universe: it always has been, and, apparently, it will always be so. People are not born equal. So it was from time immemorial and will be until their death.

And I do not accept claims on this topic. This is not for me, as the brilliant Arkady Raikin said, this is for the first-aid post. Or even much higher, personally - to the creator. I have already added this.

And the question of why this is so is inappropriate. Because everyone is different. That's why. Some are tetrapods, others are multi-winged, some are freshwater, and some are blind moles and live in the ground. People have a similar picture. Some are smart, others are lazy, others are lucky, the fourth - such a fate or karma fell ... There are many attempts to equalize everyone in history, and how they ended, all supporters of equality and brotherhood can find out without my help. Why? Because the nature of equality does not allow. And - in nothing. Take a close look at the animal world, flora, at the world of insects, and you will see that everything is in its place, as in the human world. Someone dominates, someone serves the main one. And someone serves as food ... One is a jester, another is a king, the third is a brilliant composer, the fourth is a sewer truck and a water carrier. And there are girls with low social responsibility ... And they also occupy their own niche and fulfill their responsible role.

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And that's it. There won't be any changes. It happened so. This has been happening among people for thousands (and now they say that even millions) years. And it's time to come to terms with it. In an attempt to prove that this is not so, people are wasting energy, time, money. Someone pays for this with life or freedom, but no one has ever been able to remake the natural conditions. I am writing this firmly knowing that fighters for equal rights and opportunities, for the life of me, will twist everything and will demand their own. Whether they receive something or not is another question, but that's not what I mean here. The Pushkins, Michelangelo, Tsiolkovsky and Mark Twains are born. Always born and always will be. Even though you crack, they will. There will be those to whom mathematics is a toy and those who will never master it, even if you crack it. There will be awesome military pilots and great rice pickers. There will be brilliant architects and mind-blowing divers to the bottom for shells with pearls inside.

Vaughn and the Chinese partially looked out of the communist swamp, while allowing some to become rich. Jack Ma is generally a billionaire. And women were finally given a go. And there were billionaires among them too. Yang Huiyan is also from China. So we are moving. We are not standing still.

Once upon a time, the opportunity to fit into the group of the rich was mainly for those who had wealthy parents. But that didn't guarantee anything. History is replete with cases when a negligent son let go of the fortune he inherited from his parents because he was not the one who was supposed to become a rich man. Well, he was not on this list, and that's it. And there were quite a few of them, along with those who took up the “father's and mother’s banner”, the marathon continued and the family wealth increased.

So what am I talking about?

Although being in the right place at the right time, or guessing all the numbers in the lottery, or just ... lucky - still works, but globally does not change anything. As before, the lion's share of successful and financially independent come from wealthy families. Education, again, continues to play a role. The ability to think, analyze what is happening, make decisions, take responsibility for yourself, take risks, not be afraid to experiment - still remains the road to success, both human and financial. Yes, you can't trample against genes, that's also true. Yes, it happens that you manage to jump out of the swamp in which you were born and raised. Yes, it happens that a lazy goofball suddenly comes up with a brilliant idea and, finding two or three more of the same, turns it into a multi-billion dollar giant. It's all true. But these, as I have already said, are cases. Although today there are more of them than five hundred years ago. Probably. Although we do not have accurate accounting books with records of all the bright thoughts of the world's population, even over the past hundred years.

What is important here?

Stop fighting nature and windmills. You will lose anyway. You need to come to terms with the idea that some were born for love, others - for happiness, others - for work, others - for brilliant discoveries, fifths - to decorate the earth with oneself like flowers, be it through music, the greatest acting skills or pictorial masterpieces, and sixth - just for weight ...

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If we manage to come to terms with this, we may stop making idiotic and senseless attempts to equalize everyone. We will thus give everyone the opportunity to decide to what extent they are ready to develop and use their potential. It is given to everyone, but someone will become rich, and someone, no matter how hard they try, will not. Nothing can be done about it. But! Everyone can and should strive if this is your goal. And if the goal is family, children, love, a highly moral existence, nirvana, then wealth is probably completely useless. Most likely, it is even unnecessary. For trifles it will only distract from the goal ... And the goal, as you know, requires concentration. So my friends, let's focus on something worthwhile.

I personally think so.

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