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Why don't you meet an American woman with makeup and heels in the daytime


Source: "Blog about the USA" on Yandex.Zen

I think you’ve all heard that in everyday life, American people dress very simply, the channel’s author writes. "Blog about the USA" on Yandex.Zen. That is, people wear comfortable clothes. Often the paparazzi photograph Hollywood stars without makeup and not in the clothes in which we are used to seeing them. Further - from the first person.

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For example, if you take Florida, then on the streets you will see that most people are wearing t-shirts, shorts, slippers or sneakers.

Seeing someone in heels during the day is simply unrealistic. Of course, in the evenings in restaurants, theaters, exhibitions, and so on, girls appear in dresses and stilettos. But during the day - no.

By the way, I’m already so used to this that if I see a girl with makeup, in a short dress and high heels during the day, I immediately understand that she has just arrived here.

And here I always have a dilemma. On the one hand, it's very cool to always dress the way you feel comfortable. For example, you can go to a shopping center in anything, go to any boutique, and you will never catch a judgmental look on yourself from the seller (I saw people in pajamas or in dirty work overalls in such boutiques).

And on the other hand, it’s so cool when a girl is always dressed up, with makeup.

I also like the fact that people with any figures and any weight do not complex here. If the weight is more than 150 kg, they calmly put on a T-shirt and shorts, and I think that this is good. The main thing is that they are comfortable.

Or some guy will do anything on his head: he will dye his hair green and so on.

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It is important that here no one will squint, much less condemn. It is generally impolite here for longer than a couple of seconds for no reason to stare at a stranger.

I remember the last time I was at home in my homeland, my girlfriend and I were walking around dressed in jeans with holes. Two elderly women were walking towards us, who loudly began to discuss us. They said something like: “Oh, look how dressed!”

My friend laughed, and I have already lost the habit of this in America ... Firstly, I have lost the habit of the rudeness of strangers, and secondly, that in general strangers think that they are allowed to discuss you.

And what do you think? Is it right that Americans dress as they please? Or is it better to always be in full dress?

Original published on channel "Blog about the USA" on Yandex.Zen

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