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Why lying is not only harmful, but also useful, and even necessary

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Truly, through the mouth of a baby ... But here it is not quite like a baby, but a nine-year-old granddaughter, but nevertheless ... "Grandpa, why is it wrong to lie?" - Once she asked me. And I ... that's right - thought. He answered some nonsense, but immediately understood: we were taught that it was not good, but they did not explain why. Let's think together.

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It's not good to lie because ... what? So I don’t know. No, I can, of course, come up with a bunch of things, but these will be far-fetched clichés that do not stand up to criticism. If you want to go there, please, but only without me. I'm going the other way. I will answer the unasked question to me - why is this good, necessary, and in general the best thing that could be thought of for humanity for its own benefit and prosperity.

I will not describe one day on the planet when everyone tells the truth to each other. You yourself can imagine what will happen. In general, he may turn out to be our last day. But I would not worry, it will never come, so you can relax.

It’s impossible to tell the truth. Nobody wants to hear that I saw bruises under her eyes, and he has a pimple on his nose. The hunchbacked, lisping and bent-legged ones are aware of this, and my reminder of their defects, which none of them are to blame for, will not improve their life at all. On the other hand, why do we even have to improve our lives for each other, where is it written?

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And with the third - why not? It turns out that if we want to be told pleasant things (that is, lied), in most cases we should do the same. Otherwise it is senseless to hope for good while sowing bad. But it's not bad, is it true? Whose truth? My truth. And why did you decide that yours is true, and the other is false? Besides, no one invited you to speak with your truth ... Unless you personally asked to tell the truth. And then, I would think a hundred times before cutting the truth-womb. There are cases when, after receiving a dose of truth, a person walked and jumped from a bridge. Who wants to cause such a tragedy? That's right, nobody. So keep your mouth shut, and shove your truth, guess where.

Truth-lovers are narrow-minded people with lazy brains who don't give a damn about the world around them and the people who settled in it. It's easy to pop the first thing that comes to mind, and does not require any intelligence. So do not rush to say, to think about what effect your “truth” can have on a person - these are already the embryos of mental activity that can be tracked and recorded.

Well, one more thing. We are regularly shown examples that, like cockroaches on crumbs left behind, climb out of all the holes. If you lie skillfully, you have a chance. A young girl lied that she loved - bam, got married and had already successfully settled. Were we taught this? They taught. When? And when they said “endure, fall in love”! And you thought what is meant here?

He lied to everyone masterly - he advanced into politics. Look, now - a senator or even some kind of president. There, the selection is fierce. Once he told the truth ... just once, it accidentally escaped, and that's it ... Plavsky fused. Good buy to you, go to work, give way to another liar. Maybe he will be more careful and will not blurt out what is not supposed to. If he didn’t confess, he was released. I have not seen - and there is nothing to question. Not considered - and you do not risk that you recognize him in the line of suspects. You will find out, he will be imprisoned, and then his brother will find you and thrust the Finn in the side for his big eyes and truthfulness in half ...

All successful businessmen are liars. Everything - always - in everything. No, well, they can also afford the luxury of telling the truth. “At the end of the year, I’ll give everyone a bonus for a good job,” he really thought. It may give at the end of the year, although it may not. “Everyone is invited to a New Year's Eve, paid for by the company,” is also true. But, basically, in most cases they will not tell the people the truth. This often looks unsightly, makes the population unnerving, shows that the boss is not an angel, and, in addition, can reveal production secrets that some smart people can use for their own purposes.

What else?

Parents lie to children, although they teach them to tell the truth. Children lie to parents, on the basis that they will not be understood, deprived of something, even punished. Everyone lies to everyone. They don’t talk about lovers and lovers, they try to hide embezzlement, some other unsightly actions. In a word, they brought us into a terribly imperfect world, and the rules of dormitory in this world impose on us such as if we live in a fairy tale, where you are a tablecloth, and a carpet-plane, and Ivan the Fool, who is the smartest, and Vasilisa, which, of course, is always Beautiful. Here you have the conflict.

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The rules of an honest, fair and righteous life are good for everyone, and it is not in vain that they are spelled out in all Bibles and other smart books. One snag - they do not fit our life. And so, in general, wonderful rules. And maybe you yourself noticed that all ten commandments that were given to us are regularly and non-stop violated. All ten, without exception. Maybe they just gave the wrong commandments? Did the error happen? They were intended for other people, living on another planet, and there - in the distributor, a failure occurred and we were handed other people's documents. Otherwise, how could they guess so? Everything that is written is not observed. Was it by chance or ... on purpose? Moreover, they are violated, apparently, right from the day they were issued to the present day. And they will be violated. Perhaps always. And then why? Maybe they will take it back, and others will offer us, or will we close this topic altogether?

Shortly speaking.

Let's lie everywhere, always, to the days of the last bottom,
And the truth is nonsense, this is our slogan and the sun ...

No, you guessed it right, Mayakovsky had a slightly different story, but he, I hope, will forgive me for plagiarism and free treatment of his poems.

And to be honest, I don't even know how to explain to my granddaughter why lying is bad. She herself already sees that lies helps in life and propels you forward faster than others, those unfortunate people who have read a lot of “stupid” books and are trying to tell the truth where necessary and where not. And then you still need to think quickly what and where. And so - lie to everyone, always and in everything ... and you don't need to think anything. How many is twice two, they asked: you know that it is four, and therefore you do not say that. Whether it is five, seventeen, nine hundred and eleven is not fundamentally important. If only the truth does not inadvertently jump out of the mouth. Then, like a genie in a bottle, you cannot drive it back, and you will definitely have to pay for something thoughtlessly blurted out.

Therefore, everyone must tell the truth. This is honest, reasonable, fair and, in general, humanly. Although it is insanely harmful, it is very useful and extremely necessary. If completely and completely moved down the roof.

The advice, I think, is clear and logical to everyone. Well, almost like now with masks and gloves. They, recommendations, are smeared around the entire perimeter - from "absolutely necessary and useful" - to "insanely stupid, harmful and generally useless."

That's how we live. Let's go, let's go. We will see the rake - we will come ... We will not learn the lesson and we will go further ... Life is a field, beautiful but boundless. The road is long and hard. And, actually, why should it be light? Nobody promised us this, as well as the fact that they will be fed all the way ...

Therefore, bye-bye.

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