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Why hair and nails grow more actively on one side


Source: Yellmed

Have you noticed that on one of your legs the hairs are slightly longer, although you initially shaved them the same way? It is the same with nails - asymmetry is visible within a week after the manicure. What's the matter? Science offers multiple answers, writes Yellmed.

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Do you think the nutrients are evenly distributed throughout the body? Not at all. Each hair follicle or nail has its own location and its own blood supply. And the blood circulates through the veins asymmetrically: therefore, by the way, the pressure readings differ when measured on the left and right hands.

When one follicle, one nail plate receives more blood than others, of course, glucose, hormones, oxygen and other "nutrition" enter them more actively. Carbon dioxide and toxins are carried away, respectively, faster and more efficiently.

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Other factors also affect the growth rate of hairs, as well as nails:

  • Sleep on your back or favor one side, constricting blood vessels and reducing blood flow to tissues on the left or right
  • styling on one side makes half of the hair more vulnerable;
  • right-handers strain the right half of the body more, left-handers - the left, which also affects blood supply and the delivery of nutrients to the cells;
  • Habits affect the growth of hair and nails - for example, banging on the table with the nails of your right hand or winding your hair around your left finger;
  • one of the sides of the body of car drivers is much more exposed to ultraviolet radiation - naturally, hair and nails grow worse there.

And in general, human blood circulation is initially asymmetric, so even with equal external conditions for the left and right sides, they will not be the same.

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