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Why is it safe to take cash checks everywhere except in the USA



At first glance, things that are harmless can often pose a mortal danger. The doctors found out that the cash receipts that we hold in our hands every day contain toxic substances that cause serious ailments.

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Skin covered with ulcers and loose hair - with such symptoms, patients who have been working with cash registers for a long time come to doctors. As the scientists found out, the matter is in ordinary checks, writes

Almost 90% of receipts contain an extremely dangerous compound of phenol with acetone - bisphenol. In the production of this substance they work in gloves.

It is enough to touch - and the poison enters the dermis through the skin, and from there into the blood and further into all organs. Even a small concentration - such as on a check - is enough to provoke the development of serious diseases with constant contact.

The list of ailments that this poison causes are autism, multiple sclerosis, skin and breast cancer. The reproductive system is also harmed: it is bisphenol that is often identified as the cause of miscarriages and pathologies of newborns.

About the harm of bisphenol is known, but now it is prohibited only for materials that are used in the packaging of baby food. Food for kids is sold only in glass containers.

But with adults, you can not stand on ceremony. The poison is not only present on the checks that we take from the cashier in the supermarket or at the gas station. Bisphenol is found in plastic dishes and bottles, food containers. In the USA, I neutralize a dangerous substance on checks - they add vitamin C to the material.

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