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Why Vera Alentova and Vladimir Menshov of the 4 of the year lived separately


Source: Clever

The union of the actress and director is still considered one of the strongest in the history of domestic cinema. Vera Alentova and Vladimir Menshov tied the knot, while still students. However, few people know that in the seventies the couple broke up. For many reasons, it almost came to a divorce.


Modest student wedding

In her youth, Vera Alentova dreamed of a medical career, says Clever. After graduating from school, she applied to a medical university. But having successfully passed all the exams, she suddenly realized that her calling was completely different. The stepfather pushed Alentov to this thought, who recommended the stepdaughter to try herself in a theatrical crowd. After working for several months on stage, Vera Valentinovna went to conquer Moscow. The stepfather was right: thanks to talent, Alentova entered the Moscow Art Theater School on the first try.

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But the future spouse of the actress, Vladimir Menshov, was accepted into the Moscow Art Theater only from the fourth attempt. But even after Menshov became a student, many did not believe that he would be able to achieve something. Alentova believed. Classmates generally quickly found a common language and soon announced the upcoming wedding. The celebration turned out to be modest. At first, only Alentova wore even an engagement ring: money for the second, for Menshov, was simply not enough.

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Hard family life

The financial situation of the young at that time left much to be desired. However, the family budget did not replenish even after Alentova and Menshov graduated. Vera Valentinovna was immediately invited to the metropolitan Pushkin Theater. And Menshov was unlucky again: wherever he turned, he was refused everywhere. In the end, Vladimir Valentinovich entered graduate school, and at night began to unload bread.

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There was still not enough money. In addition, the couple did not manage to solve the housing problem. And in 1969, Alentova gave birth to a daughter, Julia. It is clear that replenishment in the family only exacerbated the situation. In the end, Alentova and Menshov were exhausted and decided to leave.

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Together again

The couple lived separately 4 of the year. During this time, according to Vera Alentova, she twice received offers of a hand and heart. However, she did not dare to go down the aisle with any of the fans. The actress has always compared her gentlemen with Menshov. And this comparison has always been only in favor of the director. The time spent without a husband allowed Alentova to rethink her life and understand who she really needed.

And Vladimir Menshov soon came to the conclusion that without Faith his life became completely different. Although, it is worth noting that Menshov regularly appeared in the field of view of Alentova: he visited his daughter, played with her, indulged in gifts. Therefore, it is perhaps thanks to Julia, Alentova and Menshov that they decided to save the marriage. Since then, more than half a century has passed, but the couple are still together.

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