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Why you may feel sick after taking vitamins


Source: Huffington Post

A daily intake of multivitamins or vitamin supplements should help you feel better, but most people, at least once taking a course of vitamins, know that sometimes they feel sick. Why this happens and what can be done, says Huffington Post.

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You take vitamins on an empty stomach

Vitamins that are more acidic in nature, such as vitamin C or folic acid, can cause nausea if consumed on an empty stomach. For such vitamins, a “buffer” in the form of food in the stomach is desirable. But fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) are better absorbed by the body if not taken with food.

There is a lot of iron in your tablet.

Some multivitamins, such as for pregnant women or iron supplements, can cause nausea on their own. The effect can be especially expressive if you decide to take them on an empty stomach. The paradox is that iron is best absorbed from an empty stomach, but taking it the hardest. Therefore, doctors still recommend eating something before taking the medicine.

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You are taking vitamins with other medications.

Vitamins can interact with each other and with other drugs that you take. Some studies show that multivitamins can cause side effects while being used with estrogens (such as birth control pills). Discuss this with your doctor.

You take vitamins at the wrong time

It is very important to clarify with an expert how to "dilute" vitamin preparations in time - they can complement each other, but also interfere with each other if you use several vitamin complexes. For example, iron is better absorbed in the presence of vitamin C, but if you drink it with calcium, the effect will be the opposite. There should be instructions on the time of use on the package, but it is best to ask these questions to your doctor before taking them.

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