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Why you should give up gadgets before bedtime


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The first thing that most modern people do in the morning, even without getting out of bed, and the last thing before going to bed is to use a smartphone or other electronic device. We check mail, communicate, read news. And if in the morning contact with your favorite gadget, doctors do not see a problem, in the evening a smartphone or tablet can be dangerous to health. This conclusion was made by scientists from Surrey, England.

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The fact is that gadgets that emit light (that is, almost all the usual devices) affect the level of the hormone melatonin in the body. This hormone is responsible for the biological rhythms of sleep and wakefulness. Normally, melatonin is produced in the dark, it is influenced by the amount of light that a person receives from the environment. Melatonin gives the body and the brain a signal that sleep time is near and promotes proper rest.

The blue light emitted from smartphones, tablets and other gadgets disrupts the production of melatonin, increasing anxiety, alertness and other negative feelings at a time when the body must calm down and tune in to rest. Blue light tricks the human brain, “telling” it that the day is going on, and delaying the time for going to sleep.

It is not only sleep that suffers. Impaired melatonin production affects performance, concentration, and even feelings of hunger and satiety, which can lead to serious health problems (for example, diabetes).

There is good news too. Completely abandon the gadgets in the evening is not necessary: ​​try to use them no later than two hours before bedtime. By the way, a small screen in this case is preferable - the brain will receive less harmful light.

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