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Why you may feel bad after tea with ginger


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When a product or drink has many useful properties, very often people tend to endow it with impeccable qualities, one of which is the complete absence of contraindications. So it was with ginger tea.

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Tea, which gives vital energy, speeds up the metabolism, helps to remove toxins and stabilizes the work of the digestive organs. Tea, which increases appetite, cleanses the liver, improves memory, reduces flatulence in the intestines, enhances male potency, dissolves excess mucus on the walls of the stomach. It's all about ginger tea. But this is actually a useful drink has a lot of contraindications, writes Rambler.

Nina Sokolova, naturopathic doctor, phytotherapist knows everything about ginger. According to her, ginger oils and trace elements inhibit blood clotting. For this reason, it can not be used if you are preparing for a planned operation. Refuse to drink should be no less than three weeks before the day of surgery.

For people suffering stomach ulcer, tea with ginger in large quantities can be deadly, as it provokes an exacerbation of the disease and can cause bleeding.

No less dangerous this drink is for owners gallstones. Activating all the processes in the body, tea with ginger can provoke the movement of stones, and the situation will quickly turn into a critical one.

Ginger tea comes from India. In the Ancient East, milk, oil, and spices were added to it, and they were considered one of the most effective medicines. Knowing this, many people apply it today for colds. However, not everyone knows that at high temperature ginger tea can raise it even higher, and the activation of processes in such a state will only aggravate the course of the disease. But after reducing the temperature, this drink will help the body quickly banish the disease and restore the body.

Herbalist notes and such a property of ginger, as the stimulation of activity liver cells. And this is great if the liver is healthy. But if it is inflamed, then ginger tea will cause even more harm.

Contraindications for drinking tea with ginger are all kinds of bleeding: hemorrhoids, uterine, nasal. Any defeat blood vessels - and ginger tea is not for you.

Scientists from Scotland, after studying all the properties of ginger, published their findings in the journal Science. They are confident that ginger tea contributes to abortion. It is also contraindicated for heart attacks, hypertension, coronary heart disease, even just under high pressure.

Ginger alone or in tea is dangerous when combined with sugar lowering drugswho are prescribed for diabetes. In addition, it enhances the action of drugs that stimulate the work of the heart, reducing pressure. For the body, it can turn into an overdose of drugs.

Dermatovenereologist and cosmetologist Elena Kobozeva says that ginger tea was also used by the wives and concubines of the rulers from the East in order to always have a slim body. It really contributes to weight loss, which is what many girls use. However, this should be done after consultation with a doctor. Doctors had to deal with patients more than once who had vomiting and diarrhea from shock doses of ginger tea.

Abuse of ginger causes dryness and irritation of the skin, and sometimes a rash. Therefore, ginger tea is not allowed for people with hypersensitive skin - they even cannot use the essential oil of this plant in any way.

A number of doctors say that ginger impairs vision. But there is no scientific evidence of this today.

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