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Why in America can and should do without soap


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Many housewives who have long lived in the United States, still trust only soap, order it to those who come from their homeland, or buy triple prices in Russian stores. And yet, it is not worth overestimating its miraculous properties. Laundry soap can be truly dangerous to health. We will see why.

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Household soap wash small things, used as a means of removing dirt and grease when washing walls, floors, kitchen utensils, notes Rambler. They even take a shower with him, wash their long hair, bathe their pets. This alkaline product is always on hand. And yet, what's wrong with him?

Composition of laundry soap

The main component of soap is fat. In Soviet times, for the manufacture of soap used pork, fish, beef, lamb fat, not suitable for food purposes. He underwent repeated treatment and purification in an industrial environment, the component was bleached and deodorized. In the modern formulation of soap using not natural fat, and its analog substitutes. In addition, sodium, palmitic, lauric fatty acids, salomas, water and alkali are also present in the composition.

Many believe that modern soap is much worse than traditional Soviet in its qualities. Meanwhile, in the last century a lot of kaolin was often added to this soap, such pieces are now marked with the abbreviation “72”, but they were never recommended for washing the body and hair. The presence of rosin in the soap is also bad for the skin. However, in Soviet times, it was also included in the recipe, and thanks to this component the laundry soap was perfectly foamed and kept for a long time.

Chemical burns

The main purpose of laundry soap is to remove fatty deposits from any surfaces and permanent stains from fabrics. This feature with repeated use of soap as a toilet destroys the natural layer of the epidermis on the hands. As a result, the skin becomes dry, inflamed, begins to peel off and loses its elasticity. Moreover, many manufacturers to increase the effectiveness of soap as a stain remover increase the concentration of caustic sodium in it. Such a washing product, when used in the shower, can cause a real chemical burn of the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and eyes. In some cases, a similar reaction on the skin can turn into dermatitis.

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Decreased immunity

The laundry soap possesses high antibacterial properties. That is why in the last century it was actively used for washing domestic animals and removing fleas from their wool. For people, regular use of household and any other antibacterial soap is dangerous. The epidermis loses its natural protective barrier, which protects it against bacteria, the overall immunity decreases and the body loses its natural ability to resist harmful microorganisms. Further, this can lead to outbreaks of skin and other infections.

Allergic reactions

Modern laundry soap often looks different from the last century. Due to the modified recipe, it is usually not brown, but white and even fragrant. However, light shades of soap occur due to its constituent titanium dioxide. But this chemical compound has a carcinogenic effect and often causes allergic reactions. Even for the rare use of household soap at home, it is better to choose and purchase dark pieces.

Useful properties of soap

Still, in some emergency laundry soap may be useful. It is good to once use its antibacterial properties during periods of rash on the skin of acne, acne outbreaks. Soap primarily treats wounds and animal bites, its soap solution relieves itching and redness in the fungus of the lower extremities. If during acute rhinitis the appropriate drugs were not at hand, then the swelling of the mucous membrane and the strong secretions are well removed by the procedure of washing the nose with foam of laundry soap. But it should be remembered that all these actions should be carried out once, long-term use of soap will harm human health.

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