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Why there are no washing machines in American apartments: an immigrant look


Source: "Katya and the USA" on Yandex.Zen

I am not a girl spoiled by life, because I was born and grew up in an ordinary Russian family. I have grandparents. I, like many, often lived in the village. But, when I came to America, I was immediately surprised by their lives, the author of the channel writes. "Katya and the USA" on Yandex.Zen.

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Why? Than?

Practically everyone. It took me several years to adapt to their conditions and patterns in society.

A banal example from my personal life.

At home in our time there was an ordinary washing machine, I remember it was still as funny as a deep basin with a motor. Then, over time, a modern one appeared. And it makes home laundry easier. Okay, everyone understands this.

I still remember the time when I lived with my grandmother in the summer, she specially took me to the river and showed me how women used to wash. I was not interested then, but now I regret that I did not go into details ... Eh!

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So that’s the point.

Arriving in America, I was surprised that people don’t have washing machines at home. How so? When I began to ask questions on this topic, I received basically the same answers:

  • Expensive to pay for electricity.
  • They are generally not profitable to buy for an apartment.
  • Very rich Americans can afford the “washing machine”.
  • Laundry is convenient and costs cents.

I don’t understand this. Although so many years have passed, but it still doesn’t fit in my head. All 12 years of life in America, I went to do laundry only in the laundry. Yes! I was not able to buy and install a washing machine in my apartment.

It’s not even very fun: to pack for five days, then go to the laundry room and wait a couple of hours, until everything is washed and dry.

By the way, there are the simplest laundries, they are also the cheapest. And there are amenities for people: a cafe, chairs and so on. Here they are a little more expensive.

Although, it would seem, why should I overpay for the laundry, if I can safely go about my business ?! For example, spend these few hours shopping!

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But there is an exception in America: private homes. There already, like it or not, there will be a “washing machine”. Because you can't run into a laundry room in the nearest town. And they pay the bills oh-oh what!

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