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Why at 30 + we look younger than our mothers at the same age



Not only does it seem to you that in your 30 you look more than younger than your mother at that age. Scientists became interested in the question and made interesting conclusions.

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“Generation of people without age”, “eternal 30-year-olds”, “immortal generation” - as soon as you and your girls are not called today, writes Energetic, beautiful, successful and absolutely contented with life - we look definitely younger than our mothers at the same age. And the matter is not only about the limitless possibilities of filters and photoshop built into the camera phones. Scientists also wondered where we managed to find rejuvenating apples. The research results are impressive.

SuperHuman Marketing Agency conducted a survey in which more than 500 women aged 30 + years participated. It turned out that approximately 80% of respondents do not consider themselves to be middle-aged ladies. Almost 60% admitted that 30 years have become their brightest years and all thanks to self-care, the development of medicine and fitness. What kind of maturity in the usual sense can we talk about here? Almost 90% of all respondents unanimously said that they internally give themselves much less years.

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There is even a term that describes the generation of immortals - the perennials, by analogy with the millenials and centenials. These are people beyond age. They enjoy all the benefits of progress, are not going to give up positions and crawl to the side for the sake of coming on the heels of generations.

And by the way, it is in this attitude to life that the secret of eternal youth lies, says Ellen Langer, a professor of psychology at Harvard University. She conducted her own research and came to the conclusion that those who feel themselves aging and behave according to certain age-related stereotypes quickly age. Hence the conclusion: if you want to keep youth longer, drive away thoughts about age.

Quartz magazine experts generally believe that the future of the planet lies with the Perennials - people without age. Our experience, the will to live and the ability to achieve our goals are key moments that the older generation no longer has and the generation is not younger than us. And, perhaps, millennials will not have these qualities, due to the fact that they have been hyper-cared for since childhood. They simply do not know how and do not want to conquer career peaks.

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We break stereotypes

When our mothers grew up, they were rushing relentlessly, otherwise the short-lived “woman's age” will end and “old age” will come. Today we break stereotypes and directly declare that there is no middle age, and we categorically refuse to age. And they wanted to spit on these numbers - only customs officers see them when they look at their passport.

We have freedom of choice

Our mothers were dominated by society. It condemned the outfits that were bold for thirty-year-old “old ladies” and generally demanded to be “barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.” Today we wear ripped jeans, dye our hair blue, cover the body with tattoos and do whatever we like in 30, 40, and 50. As they say, infinity is not the limit.

We have cosmetics and cosmetology

Seriously, ask your mom what cosmetics were available at 30 stores years ago. Two or three creams, one tone of lipstick and mascara, which previously had to be spit (it’s still a pleasure). And those were only lucky with the right acquaintances.

Today, our rear areas are covered by an army of cosmetics manufacturers. Yes, and makeup has ceased to be something special or necessary. Learn how to emphasize the strengths and hide facial imperfections in just a couple of lessons on YouTube.

We are silent about the achievements of modern cosmetology. Excellent care can be done for very little money, and it gives such a result that often decorative cosmetics are not needed at all.

We provide ourselves

Our mothers lived at a time when husbands mostly brought money to the house. They decided what to spend the budget on: first, the needs of children, then life, and for the rest of the then women managed to buy new things for themselves. The assortment in the shops, of course, was awful, I had to get out.

Today we provide for ourselves and decide for ourselves what and how much to spend on.

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We know how to love ourselves

In the days of our mothers, loving ourselves was somehow indecent. Others - as many as you like, but you were supposed to sacrifice yourself without a trace. We think differently and enjoy going to the pool, for a massage, to the beautician and to the spa. And by the way, we monitor health more carefully than most of our mothers. We also have less bad habits and we try to eat right.

By the way, the generation following us promises to be even healthier, according to the Stanford Longevity Research Center. Since childhood, they know about the dangers of smoking and alcohol and the benefits of physical activity.

Brightside Magazine believes that our youth is heavily dependent on water and tea. The fact is that our mothers constantly drank black tea, and few people loved ordinary water. Nobody thought about its benefits to the body. It was believed that black tea gives energy and tones. Today we know for sure that water is needed for skin radiance and we prefer plain purified water to all drinks.

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We are not in a hurry to get married and do not rush with children

By the 30 years, our mothers were supposed to get married and have at least two children. Those who did not have time were looked askance. In maternity hospitals, only a couple of years ago they stopped using the word "old-born" in relation to women in labor 25 +. Ask your mother, she will tell a couple of horror stories that used to scare those who did not give birth before 30.

All this was very unnerving. Today we are free and free to independently choose the time for marriage and childbirth.

Onthebright Magazine believes that life ideals have almost completely changed in these 30 years. Previously, a woman could only want one thing - to be a wonderful wife and mother, as well as a cleaning specialist and creator of ideal borscht. For many of us, all this has faded into the background. Education, career, work and self-expression not in borsch and children became important. And how wonderful that all this can be done and put into practice without a sense of guilt for your choice!

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