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Why raw chicken can not be washed


Source: Rambler

Statistics relentlessly suggests that before cooking, most prefer to rinse the chicken with water. Nevertheless, science with such a position not only does not agree, but quite the contrary - claims that it is extremely undesirable to wash chicken meat.

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The researchers called the main reason for which under any pretext you can not wash the chicken before cooking, says Rambler.

About half of the chickens on the shelves of supermarkets are infected with dangerous viruses like salmonella. Bacteria live on the surface of the meat and, if improperly prepared by the birds or without proper heat treatment, can cause an infectious disease.

When deciding to wash a chicken before cooking, cooks are usually guided by safety considerations, assuming that the water will partially wash away the bacteria.

However, the results of experiments show that washing the chicken only aggravates the situation, and everything that lives on it ends up on the surrounding surfaces during washing, thus increasing the risk of infection many times over.

In order not to settle harmful bacteria in the kitchen and make the meat safe for consumption, experts recommend storing the bird in the refrigerator separately from other products, cutting it on a plastic or ceramic board intended only for meat, and always cook the chicken to a safe internal temperature.

High heat does not allow viruses to spread to other products and does not leave the bacteria a single chance.

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