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Why should a dog not be allowed to sleep in your bed


Source: Mayo Clinic

We will not talk about whether it is hygienic or not - every owner treats his pet so reverently that he has long become close to him and has become accustomed to the bacteria that inhabit it. However, scientists from the clinic May they warn: it is undesirable for dogs to sleep in the same bed with a person, or even just on his bed, because it negatively affects the owner's rest.


The experts of the clinic published the results of a study, according to which spending the night in the same bed with a pet makes sleep less effective than rest without animals. The experiment involved 40 adults, whose health was rated as good. The average age of the subjects - 44 year. Each participant had an adult dog (approximately 5-year-old), all animals slept in the same room with their owners.

The study was conducted week. Every night, the subjects put a device on their hands that resembled a fitness tracker and track sleep rhythms. The same gadget was attached to the collar of the animal. Upon completion of the experiment, it turned out that those owners who slept in their beds without pets were sleeping longer and had a better rest. The dog at the same time could be in the same room, but sleep on the floor.

Experts make a reservation - this is the first study of this kind and the difference is not too large, so the issue will be studied further. However, now, if you suffer from insomnia, you should pay attention to where your dog is sleeping. Scientists do not report anything about a dream with cats.

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