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Why did Soviet women wear combinations under clothes, and modern women don’t


Source: Yandex Zen

Soviet women wore combinations under their clothes. My grandmother had about 10 of them, writes the channel's author “Factoroid”On Yandex Zen. Let's figure out why they did it and why they stopped doing it now.

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Why in the USSR wore combinations

There were several reasons for this:

  • 1. Fashion

After the war, foreign combinations appeared in the Soviet Union. They were very different from simple chintz models that were previously worn only for sleep. Now it was a luxurious combination of silk and lace.

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Of course, not every woman could get such a thing. But if, nevertheless, she succeeded, she was happy to wear a combination in society. And proud of it.

  • 2. Hygiene

The combination was considered underwear, although it actually performed a completely different function. The combinations were worn under dresses for reasons of hygiene. Wash was expensive, not everyone had a washing machine, and a thin shirt saved dresses and blouses from ugly stains.

  • 3. Beauty

Underwear was in short supply. The assortment of bras was scarce, and those that were looked very dull. As luck would have it, transparent blouses have come into fashion, under which they have been seen underneath. Combinations hid ugly bras from prying eyes.

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Why did women stop wearing combinations?

Because the need for them has disappeared.

Fashion has passed, now there are washing machines in almost every home, and underwear is striking in its diversity. However, the combination has not left our wardrobe forever. She retrained and became an element of a home wardrobe.

Modern shirts and nighties are the same combinations. Only now we put them on when we go to bed. And going into society, we restrict ourselves to the usual underwear.

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